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  1. I agree with you. The problem is, with ever-changing standards for audio, video, HDMI etc., it’s getting harder and harder to guarantee compatibility between components, especially of different brand names. You’re only an update away from breaking something. And I doubt LG loses much sleep over playing-well with competitors’ gear.
  2. Or, maybe it’s time to go with an eArc setup, assuming your gear is compatible. Worked for me and I’m not going back. Use the TV as your video switcher instead of the receiver. Use the receiver for sound only. Sorta like the old days!
  3. Make sure your gear is compatible with eArc…..not just Arc. My eArc setup is passing all audio formats including lossless (Dolby True HD etc.) Make sure your cable from TV to receiver is high-speed with Ethernet. As for the volume display, I just use my ears. If someone complains, I turn it down. 🙂 I will add that there is, to my eyes, a bump up in video quality since I connected all video directly into the LG C9 instead of the receiver.
  4. Also, consider using an eArc setup where all your video sources go right into the TV and the TV sends the audio via one cable to your receiver. Both receiver and TV must support eArc. I did it and now LG can’t mess with me!
  5. Very good! Even if LG does issue a fix, I won’t care either way and will leave EArc enabled permanently. Funny that LG’s screwup sort of inadvertently forced my hand to do something I was putting off. Technically, eArc would seem to be the better solution anyway, providing direct connection from source devices to the display and removing a device from the chain (the receiver). I can confirm after several days of viewing using EArc that the image from any source looks better on my LC C9 OLED 77”.
  6. I don't use any of the TV's internal apps. My sources are Apple TV 4K, TiVo 4K PVR and LG 4K BluRay player. I'm not having sync issues with any of these sources. Not sure what you mean by "Shield".
  7. Same issue with the Marantz but no big deal for me since I always had the on-screen display disabled anyway. I have to say that, with the video sources now hooked up directly to the TV, I am noticing a subtle but apparent improvement in picture quality.
  8. This issue has inspired me to do something I planned anyway but was avoiding………moving to an eArc setup completely. I did this today and now my ATV, TiVo box and Blu are all connected directly to the TV with one HDMI from the TV to the Marantz sr 7013. After some fussing with settings, it finally all works and I can adjust the picture settings for each individual video input finally. Final step was to modify my Harmony Elite remote to reflect no longer needing to change receiver inputs, and needed to change TV inputs.
  9. Well, the plot thickens. LG Support yesterday advised that I could simply initialize the C9 TV to get back to factory settings, including the original OS. Not so. All settings will be put back to factory but you will still have whatever OS you had before the reset. I told LG Support this and their response was I might need to have my control board replaced. ‘Huh? I’m thinking about perhaps enabling eArc instead and connecting video sources (ATV etc.) directly to the C 9 and then eArcing the audio to my Marantz 7013. Don’t think I want a service tech opening up my 77” TV t
  10. Tried doing the "initialize settings" on the LG C9. Yes, it does return all SETTINGS to factory. However, it DOES NOT revert the firmware to factory. Whatever software you had installed prior to the reset WILL STILL BE THERE afterward. And, you'll have to go in and redo all of your custom picture settings etc. Not a happy camper with LG, messing with my very expensive TV.
  11. Hello, Michael! Thank you for your feedback regarding the latest software update of your LG TV. We will forward this issue to our developers for the possibility of releasing another update that can fix this issue. Meanwhile, you can reset the TV. Resetting the TV will erase its internal data and restore it back to factory default. Go to Settings > All Settings > General/Support > Reset to Initial Settings. I hope this has been of some assistance. LG is committed in providing the best customer experience and would greatly appreciate any other additional feedback
  12. LG Support suggests to me to initialize the TV back to factory settings, which would re-instate the original version of WebOS. Apparently LG is working on a fix.
  13. Same issue. Update broke Dolby Vision on Apple TV 4K connected to Marantz SR 7013.
  14. Same issue for me. Apple TV 4K Dolby Vision is now broken after update 05.10.04

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