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  1. Has anyone tried the factory reset of the LG OLED? Just want to make sure it does not cause any other issues by rolling it back.
  2. Yep, Dolby Vision, that is why it was notable to me. Basically some places Dolby Vision is fine (my UHD player) and some not fine (Apple TV 4K). have not tried a disc in my PS5 or XSX, will try that later.
  3. Same issue, but an interesting wrinkle with mine. LG C9, same update as everyone and Dolby Vision is broken between my Apple TV 4K and Denon AVR. what is interesting is Dolby Vision runs just fine between my Sony UHD player running through the same Denon to the same TV. So it has to be something specific to the LG and the Apple TV 4K (I have the 2021 Apple TV 4K by the way).

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