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  1. I'm nervous as I'm getting used to plugging my Shield into the C9 rather than my AVR. I don't want things to get worse. I'll wait for others to install it first and provide feedback.
  2. Firmware v05.10.25 was just released in South Korea and for ATSC models. I haven’t tried it yet. Hoping this release resolves all DV issues.
  3. I just noticed 05.10.15 on the LG's UK site dated 06/30/21. Anyone yet installed it? https://www.lg.com/uk/support/software-firmware?csSalesCode=OLED55C9PLA.AEK Please ignore. Blanked out for a moment. Not sure why I thought 05.10.15 was brand new.
  4. All my HDMI cables from Plex to TV and TV to AVR are BJC Series-FE Bonded-Pair High-Speed Premium HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 12 Foot, Black Lossless audio like Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD work except for DTS-X.
  5. That is how mine is temporarily setup. Plex --> NVIDIA Shield 2019 Pro --> LG C9--> Denon X3600H. There are a couple of drawbacks for me: No Denon on-screen volume display. DTS-X audio does not pass-through the TV to the AVR. Highest I get is DTS Neural:X
  6. Please call LG support and let them know that the new firmware did not fix it.
  7. Other are starting to report that the flicker, a little bit less, is still present with 05.10.15 firmware.
  8. Updated to 05.10.15. Multiple DV contents from Plex still flickering for me. Plex --> NVIDIA Shield 2019 Pro --> Denon X3600H --> LG C9. As more update, we'll see if it is just me.
  9. I did exactly what you did, but realized that the on-screen display of the volume from Denon is no longer displayed. Not a big deal. Not sure if the Marantz has the same behavior.
  10. This is exactly what I did. My receiver supports eARC (Denon X3600H) and I connected the NVIDIA Shield directly to my TV. I’m still able to pass through lossless audio except DTS:X.
  11. For the folks that have a TV & AVR with both supporting eARC, connecting to the TV continues to provide lossless audio pass through to the AVR and of course DV. I’m currently watching Nobody via Plex, which the audio is Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos. My Denon X3600H is playing it without any issues. Edit: I'm using the NVIDIA Shield 2019 Pro.
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