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Disney Plus on LG webOS TVs


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I was reading a few articles on the launch of Disney Plus but they did not list any of the tvs such as LG webos or samsung tv. I hope disney plus comes out in lg tvs.  Its supposed to launch November 12th in the US for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. They also said there will be a $12.99-per-month trio bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ that is coming. I'm already doing espn for $4.99, I may do the entire bundle to get hulu also, not sure, At the minimum, I am definitely going to get Disney plus for all the marvel and disney movies. I really hope webos tvs get a native Disney plus app.


Disney today confirmed its first global launches for the company’s upcoming Disney+ subscription service, and it outlined which devices and platforms will be able to access it on day one. The service is set to launch in the United States on November 12th for $6.99 per month (or $69.99 paid annually). Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to start streaming Disney+ in November. The company has said it aims to offer Disney+ in most major global markets within two years of its initial launch. It has also said a $12.99-per-month trio bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ is coming.


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On 8/19/2019 at 5:42 PM, ajmboy said:

I was reading a few articles on the launch of Disney Plus but they did not list any of the tvs such as LG webos or samsung tv. I hope disney plus comes out in lg tvs.  Its supposed to launch November 12th in the US for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. They also said there will be a $12.99-per-month trio bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ that is coming. I'm already doing espn for $4.99, I may do the entire bundle to get hulu also, not sure, At the minimum, I am definitely going to get Disney plus for all the marvel and disney movies. I really hope webos tvs get a native Disney plus app.


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I really have enjoyed my lg smart TV and it makes sense for Disney to provide their Disney+ service to as many brands as possible, I'm not willing to have to buy a roku stick just to have this.

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19 minutes ago, soccertl said:

I just bought my LG 70" TV since my old Sony was losing support from the streaming services. It works great but I assumed Disney+ would be supported when it starts in Nov as I bought the 3 year deal. Is this an LG or Disney problem?

It is down to content providers to produce an app for the platform as LG would not have access to APIs, server settings etc.  Of course you can contact LG directly using the suggesting form link elsewhere on the forum to voice your desire for a Disney app.

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I guess it's a WebOS problem. So far it is not supported. Someone has to write a D+ app and publish it in the Content Store.  I bought a Roku 4K for my OLED that will support it. One nice discovery was that I always understood plugging things into HDMI 1, 3, and 4 (I think there is a 4) would only play sound through the TV speakers.  Not so. It seems to pass DD and DD+ back to my AVR through HDMI 2 fine. The AVR says its playing Surround, DD, and DD+ depending on what I am playing. I think I even got Atmos playing Mrs Maisel via Prime through the Roku stick. Just got it so still playing.

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I don't tweat, facetime, duo, skype, facebook, whistle, or any of the other stuff.  Sites like this, email, and grudgingly text are enough for my old eyes and brain.

EDIT:  I take that back. I just twitted them. Guess that makes me a TWIT unless that is now a politically incorrect term. If so. I take it back with apologies. I did buy a Roku 4K stick as backup. Always need backup.

That said for US folks, I've been with DirecTV since '97 and fiddling the last couple of years for an Internet alternative. Have attic antennas and 1gb fiber. On 3 week YoutubeTV trial, and despite the dumb name, I think it will be the winner. Integrated interface for OTA's and OTT's, surround sound, 9-month free cloud DVR (very functional), fastforward (also very functional), multiple platforms, and better picture quality than the others. Actually exceptional.  No more box rental either. All for 50 bucks a month. I will still keep Netflix and Prime and come and go with HBO, Sho, and Hulu depending on their lineup. Try it. 3-weeks 4 free. I'm already using it in place of DTV.

Oh, and WebOS does support YTTV.

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There IS already a Disney+ app for the LG TVs.

Disney+ had a soft launch this week exclusively in the Netherlands and did install the app that is available in the LG App Store in the Netherlands.

Quality is severely disappointing though as the LG app does not seem to support 4K/HDR for some reason, while the AppleTV app does. Using AppleTV for Disney+ therefore.

Hope the WebOS Disney+ app gets fixed/improved soon!

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@poehoes At my TV you could not miss it, was right top left as newest app when I opened the content store.

So don’t know. What TV model do you have, maybe only newest TVs supported? I own an OLED 55 E9 PLA, so a 2019 model.

On the Dutch forum Got,Tweakers.net it is stated by someone only WebOS 3.0 from 2016 or newer are supported by now. 

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@schneidernet Correct, the soft launch in the Netherlands is exclusive for the Netherlands. Is indeed a test to kink out any issues encountered before the launch in November. The Netherlands was chosen because the Netherlands is a country with very high streaming subscriptions adoption, is relatively tech savvy and also has comparatively very fast internetlines at almost all consumer homes.

For that reason, the Netherlands was also the first European country Netflix started some years ago.

Nice deal as Disney+ is completely free of charge in the Netherlands until the official launch day with no commitments.

Like the Disney+ offering a lot, almost the whole Disney, Marvel, Starwars and Pixar backcatalogue is present from day one.

I assume that the app now already being available in the Netherlands will mean it will be available after the official launch November 12th  in all countries where Disney+ will officially start.

But the LG app needs some serious work still as picture quality using the Apple TV is WAY better. Using the LG app HDR is not supported it seems, but even the menus look unsharp compared to the Apple TV app.

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