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  1. I'm glad you got in touch with someone via Twitter. Sometimes it takes something like that. I once had an Onkyo receiver that didn't handle 23.97fps properly, causing a frame to be repeated every couple minutes. Despite a whole thread of complainers, they basically called us crazy and said no one had proven an issue they could replicate (even asked me for a video proving it like my phone can pick that up using a different refresh rate). I found a reviewer online that could prove it, copied them, found their Japanese division had confirmed the issue long ago, and had new beta firmware that fixe
  2. What is the 4k issue you have? I have a 2016 E6 that now also has 5.1 as of when I checked yesterday, but has always handled 4k and DolbyVision. Is there another issue or is your set model simply not showing the 4k option?
  3. On the title's page, between the title graphic and the info at the bottom, it will have tags for what it supports. My LG TV shows tags for 4k and DolbyVision. My Xbox One X shows tags for 4k, HDR10, and DD5.1 for shows that support them. Just check a show that supports everything like the Mandolorian and see which tags are listed.
  4. I just want DD 5.1 so I can have surround and DolbyVision both at once. At least I'm only really watching the Mandolorian which doesn't benefit from HDR/DV like Disney claims. Even with HDR from my Xbox, you'd never guess it. Love the show but it isn't using colors in the HDR range like other things obviously are. Hopefully season 2 will use proper DV and the app will support surround sound by then.
  5. I'll just add that it has been announced that Disney+ is available on Amazon Fire devices. They don't like each other, but it would hurt both sales of fire devices and adoption of the service enough to where they both come out better this way.
  6. It showed up on mine automatically as well. When I clicked it, it downloaded an update so I wasn't sure if it was actually the whole app or just a placeholder that triggered a download. They can auto add apps though.
  7. If Netflix and others can do it, so can Disney. It's easy to extract DD from DD+ anyway. By the way there was an update for me today though I don't launch it every day, using my Xbox for surround and HDR usually. The update got my hopes up but still no surround. Must have just been bug fixes
  8. @brian_ehv so you've got Disney+ outputting 5.1 from an LG WebOs tv? I haven't seen anyone confirm it, and it wouldn't be the first app to add surround later. Others such as Netflix do support DD 5.1+ but use regular DD for my ARC channel. I have yet to see anyone say 'it works for me' as far as surround sound. If so, I'd like a screenshot of an LG showing the 5.1 tag by a title. I don't think this is any hardware limitations, it's that they haven't added it to the app yet. If it works for you I'd like to know what model you're using, otherwise it's just a guess when the fact it work
  9. That has absolutely nothing to do with what we've been talking about. Our ARC channels are fine and output surround sound, just not when using Disney+. But then you'd know that if you even read the topic of this thread.
  10. The magic remote didn't work in Hulu until a few months ago. However when it didn't, Hulu disabled it. Disney+ oddly leaves it enabled so you can bring up the cursor but it does nothing. I can live with that until after they add proper sound though.
  11. The Roku Stick+ appears to support 4k and HDR. Of course, it plugs into an HDMI port, similar to how a USB stick plugs in a USB port. My older 1080p Roku Stick was USB powered, so I could use its included adapter, or just the USB port on my TV to power it. In that case, I found the stick to be sluggish to navigate compared to the nicer models, but that might not be the case with the newer 4k model. I have 3 Rokus, and they are all over 5 years old. My Roku LT is also sluggish, but has RCA outputs so I use it when I want to use my older CRT TV. I can't remember if it is 720p or 1080p max. The s
  12. There's enough apps not available on webOS. While it does have a cost, I recommend getting some other streaming device to compliment it. That would also give you 4k for now, but I'm not sure about DolbyVision on other devices. HDR should be fine as long as it supports it. I use Fandor and VRV which, at least last I checked, didn't have webOS apps. Between my Roku and Xbox One X, I have everything I need covered though. With a modern 4k Roku I wouldn't even need the Xbox as far as video streaming, but my Roku is a 1080p model. No Fandor app on Xbox either though (again, last I checked).
  13. It does sound like there's issues specific to some models, but I don't think the app supports 5.1 sound period yet on WebOS, for any model. I imagine their thinking was that everyone can use4k, DolbyVision, or HDR if their set has it, but a smaller number have those settings outputting surround over ARC or optical output, so they are adding the fancy stuff that all customers can see first.
  14. Yeah that's odd. I did notice mine says HDR (coming soon) and no mention of DolbyVision. However it does support 4K and DolbyVision. I haven't seen HDR though which is odd. Maybe all their HDR titles also support DolbyVision? I kind of doubt it, I think they have to pay a license fee per title for Dolby. Then again when I realized it was only sending stereo, I quickly moved to watching on my Xbox instead, so I haven't thoroughly explored titles on my LG. If they add 5.1 support it will be my main Disney+ device. As I mentioned, for now, HDR10 + 5.1 > DolbyVision + stereo to me personal
  15. It does show the formats in the LG. Just not a sound format. It shows tags for 4k and DolbyVision. Not one that indicates DD 2.0 which everything seems to be. Even with Xbox supporting low latency DolbyVision, it doesn't support it for UHD Blu Ray or any video apps I'm aware of, just a few games. My OLED 2016 only supports it up to 30fps, so 24fps content is fine. My UHD Blu Ray player does DolbyVision fine as well, at 24hz. Games are always 60hz on consoles though, even if capped at 30fps, but that's rare today anyway. Anyway yeah, hope they at least get DD 5.1 working

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