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  1. It does show the formats in the LG. Just not a sound format. It shows tags for 4k and DolbyVision. Not one that indicates DD 2.0 which everything seems to be. Even with Xbox supporting low latency DolbyVision, it doesn't support it for UHD Blu Ray or any video apps I'm aware of, just a few games. My OLED 2016 only supports it up to 30fps, so 24fps content is fine. My UHD Blu Ray player does DolbyVision fine as well, at 24hz. Games are always 60hz on consoles though, even if capped at 30fps, but that's rare today anyway. Anyway yeah, hope they at least get DD 5.1 working in the app!
  2. Yeah I'm 'settling' for HDR10 and 5.1 on my Xbox One X. I don't have Atmos but I can do all the other formats (my receiver supports it but I don't have the speakers for it). Things on the Xbox Disney app get tags for 4k, HDR10, and 5.1. On my LG set I get 4k and DolbyVision but no sound tags. Really hope to see this fixed as my TV is the only thing I have that does apps with DolbyVision. My 4k Blu Ray player, my only other DolbyVision device, doesn't do apps. I know only newer ARC outputs do Atmos, maybe just eARC like you mentioned. Mine's a 2016 set so it only does DD up to 5.1. Disney both compresses it to DD and leaves it at stereo. I think ARC can do PCM stereo like optical. Looking forward to having DolbyVision and surround together! I'll settle for HDR before I go stereo though!
  3. I use my LG set to watch Netflix and Amazon in DD 5.1 sound sound just fine. Disney+ is only giving me DD stereo. What gives? I'm looking but can't find the setting. I get DolbyVision but as far as sound, only getting stereo. I output to my receiver over ARC. How do I get surround?
  4. I can only get stereo... Not even DD 5.1 which Netflix and Amazon do. I'll take any kind of surround for now.
  5. Looks like the app is there with DolbyVision support, which would be nice except... It only outputs stereo DD sounds over the ARC channel to my receiver. Netflix and Amazon do 5.1... is Disney+ only stereo? I tested with newer movies like endgame and still only stereo...
  6. Thanks. I'm good on the other apps on my TV. Sounds like the D+ app, at least in is current form, doesn't support HDR on LG (or DolbyVision). Has HDR been confirmed for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? I'm fine with standard HDR for now, not worth buying a new device to jump to DolbyVision on a single service yet. However I do want to ensure I get HDR at least, and those are the devices I have that are capable. I'd also like surround sound, what formats are they using? My TV ARC channel only supports lossy surround. My receiver supports Atmos, but I don't have the speakers for it, running standard 5.1. Should I be good with what I have, or will I need something new for HDR and the best (non Atmos) sound they will offer on D+?
  7. Is there a list of which devices DO support HDR/DolbyVision/4k? I have a 2016 set running WebOS 3.x and also an Xbox One X. I understand Xbox has some game-only DolbyVision support but it doesn't work for 4k Blu Ray or Netflix. My TV, being a 2016, also only does DolbyVision up to 30fps so I'm hoping things will use 24hz on Disney. Netflix DolbyVision works great from the TV's built in app, but that's the only place I'm aware of having access to any streaming with DolbyVision. I'm hoping the Xbox does HDR 4k at the very least.

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