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  1. Looks like Disney finally fixed its app - have not used D+ in months as I purchased an NVIDIA Shield Pro and now stream everything from that (including Movies Anywhere, CBS All Access, HBO Max and Peacock). Just for fun loaded the D+ app on my LG, saw a 9/14 update and applied it, and lo and behold the D+ 4K movies now show 4K available and play in 4K. Still better with the NVIDIA since I can get ATMOS sound in addition to Dolby Vision (the 2016 models do not have eARC and can only output 5.1 max via HDMI).
  2. Nope, at this point LG seems to have abandoned the sets prior to 2017. I just picked up an nvidia shield pro for streaming and couldn't be happier.
  3. Problem is LG has dropped support for older versions of webOS so for example no CBS All Access and no Movies Anywhere apps for 2016, 2017 sets. Plus on my 2016 the Disney+ app has never been fixed to support 4K playback. So for me, it's not an Android thing, its whatever has the best hardware support and apps available, and actually works. I tried the latest Fire TV cube and had high hopes but it had poor HDMI compatability and no onboard LAN only a USB dongle so streaming was terrible.
  4. I gave up on LG & webOS a while ago, but not the set itself. 86" & 3D is hard to come by, let alone not made anymore. No idea why LG didn't have webOS as a portable OS that could be upgraded on newer TV's, just like any other OS. Being stuck with an abandoned version (3.0) sucks, and having LG support basically tell you to but something else for apps (Fire, Apple etc.) You have no other choice. Problem is finding a device that's app friendly and supports Dolby Vision, but I finally went with an NVIDIA Shield Pro and hope it fits the bull and fills the void.
  5. You cant update the web browser like that, the update would have to come from LG. WebOS 3.5 is old, I have the same version on my 2016 LG. Unfortunately the WebOS can't be updated on my set so I'm SOL. Not sure on your set but if your OS let's you update it you might get an update to the browser as well.
  6. What about the 2016 models? Ah, that's right, LG has given up on them now too. No CBS All Access, now no Movies Anywhere. I'd say "at least we got Disney+" but it still doesn't support 4K playback so there's that.
  7. Check the available apps, I've downloaded and used a speedtest app before on my 86UH9500.
  8. The app was updated by Disney to support 5.1 audio, they've tweeted about the update. The lack of 4K support is not on all models, yours may have supported it from day 1 but mine did not (2019 model vs 2016). There have been other posts from LG owners here and on AVS forum about the lack of 4K. I have my 86UH9500 connected to my Denon AVR-X3500H via ARC and can confirm its outputting 5.1 audio without issues.
  9. Correct - LG 86UH9500 4K doesn't show as an option on any show (Mandalorian, Endgame, etc.) only HD, strangely Dolby Vision is and displays on when playing content. Until the update only digital sound was shown, now of course it shows 5.1. Other LG owners have posted about the lack of 4K on other models and they're not just limited to 2016, but in my case obviously Disney's is looking at the 2016 models.
  10. Yeah, one of the Disney+ engineers has been responding to my tweet about the 4K & 5.1 issues, and had said they were working on 5.1. When I saw and verified 5.1 was available and working he confirmed they were rolling out the update. The 4K issues people like me with 2016 sets they are still working on with LG, so that's good news they've acknowledged and ate working on a resolution.
  11. Well seeing as I dont get 4K or 5.1 let's hope Disney fixes both before I cancel and seek the show elsewhere.
  12. I tried the new cube with my 86UH9500 and got no 4K so for me I'd be no better off than I am with the native webOS app.
  13. If anyone is still experiencing issues with the webOS Disney+ app (and I suspect many if not all of us still are) such as the lack of 4K support, 5.1 audio support, or as in my case with the 86UH9500, both, please see LG's response to my inquiry into these issues: We appreciate you for patiently coordinating with us regarding the current application status of your LG 86UH9500 TV, Xxxxxxx. It is our goal to ensure that you are able to utilize your LG product at its fullest potential so let us assist you with your inquiry today. In response to this, according to the specifications of t
  14. Other than wat was installed initially by LG from the factory I have always had to install new apps on my 86UH9500. Not that there has been anything new, mainstream, other than Disney+ and AMC.
  15. Its not you, its them: no 4K picture and no 5.1 audio for some LG sets I'm afraid. I'm waiting 6 days for a response from Disney on the issue - you can't even email them anymore. Good luck getting them on the phone or chat.

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