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  1. Other than wat was installed initially by LG from the factory I have always had to install new apps on my 86UH9500. Not that there has been anything new, mainstream, other than Disney+ and AMC.
  2. Its not you, its them: no 4K picture and no 5.1 audio for some LG sets I'm afraid. I'm waiting 6 days for a response from Disney on the issue - you can't even email them anymore. Good luck getting them on the phone or chat.
  3. Welcome to the club! Seems a lot of us are having this issue (86UH9500 2016 model), see the other Disney+ thread if you want to keep track. I would also suggest contact Disney+ on their support page and let them know the issues you are having.
  4. Roku doesn't support Dolby Vision, so if you're a fan you can skip that. The new Fire TV cube does, but had problems with HDMI handshake and only displayed HD. Also, no built in Ethernet so you're forced to use wifi (the included ethernet dongle is usb 2.0 and had worse throughput than wifi). Apple TV supports Dolby Vision if you dont mind the price. I looked into all 3rd party support when it looked like LG wasn't going to get Disney+. PS over 24 hours and no response from Disney on my issues.
  5. So that's interesting: on your model, it shows 4K, on my UH9500 it doesn't, only HD. Disney+ help says: "Disney+ will detect the capabilities of your system and play the content if it is available in 4K Ultra HD or HDR." Which is incorrect, obviously.
  6. So interesting to note: when going into the Disney+ app in the LG Content Store>Premium and reading the app description states: -View select titles in stunning 4K UHD and HDR (Coming Soon) So I'm not sure what to make of that - do they mean 4K is coming soon, HDR is coming soon, or 4K HDR is coming soon as its written, I don't know. I am going to reach out for more information at http://help.disneyplus.com Also, as per the help page for Disney+ : Supported formats for a given title can be found in the DETAILS section under each title. Which means Disney released the LG app without support for 5.1 audio or 4K And your model is a 2018 model, correct? Newer than mine (2016).
  7. I have a 2016 as well, the 86UH9500. Unfortunately, the Xbox One X only supports "low latency" Dolby Vision, and LG never bothered to update the firmware to support it, so I don't get Dolby Vision support with my Xbox. Funny thing is I had never gotten an update on the new firmware from LG when I inquired about it and only recently saw a follow up with some kind of BS excuse from LG that the Dolby Vision standard wasn't finalized when the 2016 sets came out, that the HDMI wouldn't support it, that Dolby Vision is only supported on apps etc. Meanwhile LG kept referring to the OLED sets and not their LCD (which mine is) when they made this statement which I felt was sketchy. Needless to say I literally just picked up an LG 4K Blu-ray player (UBKM9) and lo and behold Dolby Vision works just fine so I think LG was just being lazy with the low latency support. Anyway sorry to drift on the subject I will have to double check the info displayed for each program but I could have sworn on the LG it showed supported formats but I could be wrong. I'm watching Star Wars on a TCL with Roku 4K set and when you look at the description for instance it says 4K Ultra HD - Dolby Vision - 5.1. I will check the LG again tomorrow. Disney will have to update the app to support the correct sound formats. I don't want to watch Disney+ from my Xbox since it won't support Dolby Vision as I previously stated (also the reason I finally caved and bought a 4K Blu-ray player).
  8. Same here, its not outputting 5.1 sound or Atmos for that matter (although I'm not sure if ARC can do Atmos, maybe just eARC?). Anyway, if you look at the info on each program, movie etc. it will tell you the supported formats (4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, 5.1 etc.). So something is not working correctly with the app as the sound for all their material is not outputting 5.1 or higher. Hopefully its just that it wasn't fully implemented in time for today's launch date and will be in a future revision.
  9. Was hoping the app would have been ready to roll out for tomorrow but checking the LG Content Store no such luck...
  10. First thing I did was check this when we bought our 86UH9500 new back in 2017 - it was sold as open box which was really more like crappy, taped up box but never used. Out of the box, it was obvious the set had never been used, all packing and wrap was in place, still had that new TV smell. I had trouble with the app you can use to check the up time in the service menu but also found it in the General/About this TV menu and it had 1 -2 hours if memory serves, if that. Subsequent registration with LG confirmed the set was new, never registered etc. Interesting note: with an app or a service remote, you can actually reset the time. I found this out by accident when I reset the TV after restoring changes a technician had made that made the TV unwatchable.

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