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  1. How are people confirming whether 4k is working or not? When I'm watching a stream, the info button doesn't work like it normally would.
  2. LG wouldn't have automatically installed Disney+ on my TV after it was released, would they? I went to look for it and it was already installed. I'm sure I did and forgot about it, but not certain. [emoji1787] Separate topic: I remember reading about this, but it is pretty annoying that already watched episodes don't track from the web. It wanted to start over on Mandalorian even though I had already watched the first three episodes on the web a few days ago.
  3. As long as your TV is on a new enough webOS version. My 24" in my office is out in the cold with no YTTV app, so I have to use the PC I have hooked up to it to watch TV.
  4. Are you able to test it with a wired network connection? Also which TV model?
  5. Yeah, I think that's not the webos version. I seem to remember the software version in the about screen didn't match the webOS version number.
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