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LG WebOS as Alternative to Enigma 2?

Tobias Claren


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21 hours ago, Tobias Claren said:

I use Enigma2 for watching TV, recording etc.
Is WebOS an alternative?

Enigma2 can:
Unlimited number of simultaneous recordings. - webOS, no
Streaming (Intranet and Internet), webOS, yes Intranet especially if you run a Plex Media Server, there is DLNA support in webOS, YMMV.  Internet, well it depends on what you want to stream, if it is Flash based or anything esoteric then no, but the browser is not designed for consuming content.  See elsewhere on the forum for more information.
Softcam (for pay-TV card) <= Alternative: support for "Unicam" etc. If it runs over a specific channel then yes, if it requires specific software or hardware interface then it is unlikely.
NAS instead of USB HDD.  Not sure what you are actually asking in this question, if you mean will it read from a NAS then the answer is possibly depending on make, model, software install etc.  Running a Plex Media Server is the best method of streaming media to webOS.
Unencrypted recordings. - webOS, no

Hope this answers your questions more fully.

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OK, what is the artificial limit for recordings?
I think, I don't need "10" or "8" or "6".
But 3 or 4 or 5 could be possible.
Two recordings, one viewing, and 1 streaming are four "recordings".

I mean that I will use a NAS intead of USB-HDD for recordings.


"Unencrypted recordings. - webOS, no

Also free not encrypted Channels?
For example, "Das Erste HD", "ZDF HD", "WDR HD", BBC One HD", ITV HD" etc. are not encrypted

Encyrpting not encrypted channels, thats nutty. Freaky TV set manufacturers. Movie studios, TV stations have not the legal power to say "you have to encrypt!".
 Only pay tv provider are dependent from movie studios. Encyrpting their channels and encrypting in their boxes.
And also Sony as a paranoid movie studio is "nutty" with their TVs. Sony is a movie studio, but NOBODY will record tv streams with a sony for illegal internet downloads.
There are existing enough set-top-boxes or TV cards for PC to do that. Sony (and LG...) could save the recordings without encryption, without a "risk" for the profits of the movie studios or tv networks (CBS series etc..).

I need "Plex" for streaming TV from LG TV to smartphone or tablet?!? Not with a App from LG or other private app-coder? Not with webinterface in a browser? Like "webif" in "Enigma2".

Is streaming with transcoding possible?
Transcoding from full tv resolution to a small data stream (for example from 12Mbit/s HD to 1Mbit/s SD or 320x...) for viewing over Internet.
That is possible with the modern Enigma2 set-top-boxes with "Transcoding" function for streaming.
Before "transcoding", it was possible to send the stream to a pc with "VLC", and VLC transcode the stream for internet.
This would be OK. The PC is runnig 24/7. Because, I use it as NAS for TV-Recordings.

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