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  1. What is software version 04.25.70? We have an 55EF9500 TV. Today we got an update for it, from 04.25.40 (I think) to 04.25.70. Apparently that does not correspond to a WebOS version but I assume it includes a newer version of WebOS. The important thing is, where do I look to see what the new features are? CES 2018: LG to release WebOS 4.0 upgrade with new features. - webOS Nation Forums describes a new version that has primarily connectivity improvements. Is that what was installed today (in 04.25.70)?
  2. This question is about Screen Share but a couple of people say "Smart Share". Is there something called Screen Share? The reason I ask is that the name "Screen Share" implies that (only) the screen is shared and "Smart Share" implies that other things are shared, possibly including the screen. I know that people often use terminology that is highly misleading and that does not communicate what the name refers to. Since that is true, it is critical that people use the correct name.
  3. I have been able to use LG Smart Share with Windows Media Player in Windows 10.
  4. That is hard to find anywhere, either from a TV or a PC and using any operating system. I cannot find such a thing for Android or if I have then there are serious timing issues. Bluetooth can probably be used, there are Bluetooth transmitters you can connect to an audio source. There are also Bluetooth receivers you can get for using regular headphones as Bluetooth headphones. I have not tried to look for a smartphone application that receives audio over Bluetooth, that might be possible. For WiFi I have read that there are timing issues. I guess WiFi does not guarantee that the data be sent instantly. So using our smartphone to connect our audio from our TV to our headphones would be more complicated than most people would think. It is probably possible but not easy and as far as I know the problem has not been solved.

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