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Open webOS

HP Open Sourced webOS to the world. Open webOS is a project that was lead by HP and now LG. What is the future of Open webOS? Discuss it here.

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  1. webOS OSE Youtube Channel

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    • Yes, they do that. Whenever a mainstream app is released its always there on my tv automatically, never had to install one.
    • It showed up on mine automatically as well. When I clicked it, it downloaded an update so I wasn't sure if it was actually the whole app or just a placeholder that triggered a download. They can auto add apps though.
    • LG wouldn't have automatically installed Disney+ on my TV after it was released, would they? I went to look for it and it was already installed. I'm sure I did and forgot about it, but not certain. Separate topic: I remember reading about this, but it is pretty annoying that already watched episodes don't track from the web. It wanted to start over on Mandalorian even though I had already watched the first three episodes on the web a few days ago.
    • On 28 August 2019, Microsoft published the exFAT specification for the first time[7], and new driver was included in Linux kernel version 5.4. LG please do something, it's now free. exFAT is better than NTFS, move on...
    • Hi Tinks, When I press the Red button on BBC1 I get the BBC news channel displayed with various news videos ... I don't get teletext. Is that the normal behaviour ? I'm in dialogue with the Retailer about my issue as they haven't encountered it so it makes me think that there may not be a satisfactory resolution to this.  
    • Just purchased a new C9 65" and when playing YouTube videos at any speed faster than 1x on WebOS, the audio in the video distorts. A friend confirmed the same on his LG. Is this a known issue, any workarounds, or anyone we can notify on WebOS team to help address?
    • That's odd then 51. Considering they are saying it's not a software issue, having an update causing the issue that some of us already have, says clearly to me it is indeed due to software. I've turned off auto updates on my 2018 set for this reason. Can I ask what happens if you press the red button when watching BBC1?  As for in fur for purpose, they are just blaming everything else but themselves. By designating sets to have HBBTV only leaves issues at the moment As MHEG has not been phased out. I wonder who the ombudsmen is for this kind of thing? 

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