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  1. Hello I have problem with my TV it's locked my premium content and i want to format TV to clean all register files but Factory Reset is just reset my setting when i want to watch my premium content it still locked. I think it have two method to clear it 1.Format TV clean all register files and save just only system files likes when i just buy a new TV. Or 2.Go to this directory in TV and delete the register files 'file:///mnt/lg/flash/data/01.TIARA_No.9/icpLicense.dat' and Re-register again it's fine for me but i don't know the way to get into it. If anyone know how to do method 1. or 2. or both Please Help ME...
  2. I think the register file in HDD is broken because LG give me another one and it can watch normally. Thank You for your help. ^^
  3. I Have HDD 4K K-Pop and HDD 4K Movie Pack and i don't know 1 TV can't play 2 HDD. Now my TV is lock for K-Pop content i can't watch it T__T the operator said it about software they can't help anything. Anyone can help me to extract or clear all TV Memory about my registration of HDD or Downgrade TV return it to the oldest software and i will upgrade back again. Please , Help Me I don't want to buy new TV T__T
  4. It's not normal 4K files likes a .mp4 or .avi But it's a special file for LG 4K TV Only it's .mkv files When i open it on PC it will have 1 folder for 1 song and in folder the file is separate between video.mkv and audio.mkv . But when i connected on TV it will combine to 1 files only. This is my LG 4K bundle package This picture is sample when i connect HDD on PC.Files will be like this.(I copied form HDD) This is when i connect on tv it will combine to 1 files not a folder. And it showing this message when i try to play the file it will show error message box "Not Supported Content" i don't know why and am sure my TV can play this HDD because LG told it available for UB850T (2014 TV)
  5. I have this problem with my 4K TV my tv is 49UB850T I have LG 4K HDD.My hdd is K-Pop content. I have connect to internet already before watch it. But when i try to watch it. It just show message box "Not Supported Content" In thai lg website it said HDD available for 2014 4K TV and UB850T it on list too. And i don't know why i can't watch it. I bought new tv for watch K-Pop 4K content in hdd only T_T