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    I apologize 432 apps. Just checked on my LG phone. These do not appear on my LG Smart TV. I will try to get them to show.
  2. Randy S


    Ok. Can you advise if there are more apps for WebOS than the 30 or so that are in LG world?
  3. Randy S


    Funny how the ads that appear on this page are for android boxes. That is what I did. Android box fixed my WebOS problem. Am I missing something here LG? Can I do more than with the Webos?
  4. Randy S


    Sales for future Webos will be affected when everyone realizes what a deficient OS it is. I will never buy a product with this as an OS.
  5. Randy S

    I can´t download Fox App

    What you see is what get with webos. I will not buy another webos product ever. I installed an android box and it works Great. LG should just make dumb tv's and stay out of the computer business if webos is the best they can do.
  6. Randy S

    LG Releases Open-Sourced Version of webOS

    Yup pretty much. I just got a Steam+ from channel master and it is awesome haven't touched the LG Webos since. Kinda useless now.