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Why don't I see the Spotify app on LG smart TV



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@jaculson I think only newer OLED TV's have the actual Spotify app. Your other devices (phones, PC, tablets) should be able to "Cast To" your TV, but I hear you might need to choose "LG TV" rather than "LG WebOS" item if given 2 choices. There were some Cast bugs with Spotify back in OCT 2020, so ensure you are using the latest release of any APP on the sending device.

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  1. Press the Home button on your remote, and select the LG Content Store.
    LG Remote Home Button
    LG Menu with LG Content Store highlighted.
  2. Select Apps & Games.
    LG Content Store with Apps and Games highlighted.
  3. Look through the list, and select Spotify.
    Apps and Games with Spotify highlighted.
  4. Select Install on the left.
  5. If still fails, you can try to download 
    link hidden, please login to view
    to listen to Spotify music.You just need to copy and paste your downloaded Spotify music files from your computer to your USB flash drive or upload them to your Google Play Music Library.
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Here is an alternative way for you to enjoy

link hidden, please login to view
. It doesn't need to install the Spotify app on your smart TV. You can just use the  to convert and download music from Spotify to your computer. Then you can move Spotify music to your LG TV for playing without Spotify app.

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Except for using the Spotify for TV app, there is another convenient approach for you to play Spotify music on smart TVs. With a

link hidden, please login to view
, you can download music from Spotify and or more popular audio formats. Then you can play them directly on your TV. So, you don't need to worry that you cannot play Spotify music on LG Smart TV.

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Hey, there are several ways to fix your issue of the Spotify app not seeing on LG smart TV. Please  do a software update and then check back in your app. It will be there. If there is still not, it could be that the Spotify app is not in My Apps not under the Premium choices on top. 

If you still couldn't solve this issue, please download

link hidden, please login to view
to download Spotify songs as LG smart TV compatible audio files, and then you can upload Spotify tracks to USB drive and via the USB port. 



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Though there is no Spotify app on your TV, you can also listen to Spotify music on it by using another way. Here you can use the AudFun Spotify Music Downloader to download Spotify songs as local files on your computer. Then you can move the local Spotify songs to your TV for playing offline. Also, you can transfer the downloaded Spotify music files to other platforms and devices for enjoying as you want. 

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1) Press the Home button on the remote control then LG Content Store will launch. 2) Select APPS category shown at the top of the screen. You will see a list of available apps in selected category. 3) Look through the list, select Spotify from the list, and then press Install.  

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