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LG webos sucks

luis santos

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On 12/12/2021 at 9:48 AM, LG monkey said:

Web Os is very limited,  it doesn't even include PHILO . I absolutely love my LG TV's, but  I agree with the post web OS is just terrible.  I run a roku stick on one of my LG's, and a fire stick on the other. 

No Smart TV supports Philo. It isn't a major player in the streaming game, or even within the subset of cable-replacement packages.

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3 hours ago, Cody k said:

I literally quoted the Philo website. Call BS on them.

On 12/15/2021 at 4:08 PM, LG monkey said:

All my friends smart TVs support Philo, Toshiba  smart TV's support Philo,  to say no smart TV's support Philo is just BS. I call it as I see it, Web OS is garbage, LG tV's are awesome,  the solution,  buy a ruku stick and you'll have a  OS  that you can use. 

The enclosed screen shot from philo's website says otherwise. 


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2 hours ago, LG monkey said:

The enclosed screen shot from philo's website says otherwise. 


That isn't Philo's website, dude. Look at the URL, and then look at the link I posted a few days ago. This conversation is getting more insipid with every reply you make. 

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Though this is nothing but a rant, I second the fact that WebOS is a bad concept. It can't do some essential things which, for comparison, Samsungs Tizen can do. I have my G1 since a few weeks now and struggle with simple things that simply shouldn't exist, like

1. Sleep timer is deactived in my TV, but it will continue to nag you after 4h of not using the remote.

2. No support for DTS passthrough or Dolby Vision (E-AC3). It plays E-AC3, but comes up with a warning and the video will stop at some point.

3. The media player shows the file names from the movie name inside of a MKV instead of showing the real name.  WTF?!

Doesn't LG strife for being at least as good as Samsung in both, hardware and software? A smart TV is supposed to be smart, not just a TV.

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