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  1. 4K Blu-Ray maxes out at 128 Mbit/s. I 99.99% guarantee your IPTV service is not outputting at anything close to that bandwidth. If they *are* sharing movies at anything close to that bitrate I also 99.99% guarantee it is pirated content. Don't try to have your cake and eat it too; just buy a 4K Blu-Ray player, invest in some discs, pay a legitimate price for content and enjoy top quality without buffering.
  2. If the SpectrumTV app supports Chromecast you can send it to the TV that way. Get a Chromecast (usually around $20). Even if the app doesn't natively support CC, you can screen-mirror content from it to your TV with a CC.
  3. Cody k

    Is there Facebook app for LG webos tv?

    No, but you can probably access a version of FB through the web browser. Alternately, you can screen-mirror your phone to the TV by a number of methods like ChromeCast and Samsung's SmartThings.
  4. Cody k

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    It's funny that everyone ascribes the inability to change the wallpaper selection to negligence on LG's part, but on OLEDs it serves a very specific purpose of protecting the screen. The pictures aren't randomly chosen by LG, they're intended to provide balanced coverage to all parts of the screen and all of the pixels. There is no way for the OS to vet the pictures people would choose to replace them with. Invariably some yobs would choose a single picture, probably even one with a single very bright spot like the sun or a streetlight, and use that as their only background, creating burn-in on their sets that they would invariable blame on the TV.
  5. Maybe they want the crappier browser experience?
  6. Cody k

    Hi people

    Have you tried going to the webOS store and uninstalling, then reinstalling the app? is it all apps or just some? It might be a hard drive issue. If it's still under warranty that would be covered.
  7. The wallpapers are stored in one of the folders in the Images section (under Pictures And Video, or whatever precisely it's called). I know how to get rid of them, because I deleted the ones in mine (now I just have a blue screen), but I'm not entirely sure how to add new ones. Probably by putting some on a USB thumb drive and plugging it in. Possibly you might be able to use the TV's web browser and download some images to that folder.
  8. I have a C7, no cable, just like you. Mine has never done what you describe so there must be some option to prevent it. Not entirely sure what it would be, but I have 'Channel Plus' and 'Live Plus' turned off. It defaults to the Home Theater input.
  9. Cody k

    Amazon App doesn't render in HDR

    Are you 100% sure you're watching the UHD version? Amazon, stupidly, lists both on a 4K TV. They're marked almost identically, with just "UHD" in a banner in the corner. I have the C7P and have had no problems with this. I've watched 4K content with HDR as recently as last night.
  10. Cody k

    Can't turn off Fireworks screen saver

    I definitely agree we should have more granularity when it comes to the settings. LG was *so* great about giving us an absolutely obscene amount of it in our video settings, but I can't turn off the irritating "no input detected" pop-up, modify the screensaver in any way or even change the rotating wallpaper. I mean, that's BASIC customization, and ridiculously easy to implement. I don't know anything about Deezer, but it seems odd that the changing subtitles wouldn't be enough to untrigger the screensaver. Conversely, I find it frustrating that the screensaver doesn't work with external components like either of my Playstations, my 4K disc player or my Chromecast. It doesn't kick in at all. If it's *that* critical, LG (and I personally agree that it is), then the input choice shouldn't matter. If you have something like that, maybe try accessing Deezer through it instead of directly through the TV?
  11. Cody k

    Can't turn off Fireworks screen saver

    It isn't hurling an insult to point out that someone who doesn't know what they're talking about doesn't know what they're talking about.
  12. It really is insane how much this gets asked, considering it's the exact same issue that people have been dealing with on their mobile devices for a decade and the answer has never changed.
  13. What type of receiver do you have? Make and model. If it supports 4K pass-through, your best bet is to plug every component - the Xbox, cable box, any streaming devices, etc. - through it and then go from the HDMI out on the receiver to the HDMI2/ARC input on the TV. With HDMI-CEC, the receiver will then automatically switch between inputs as each becomes active. turn on the Xbox, the receiver will switch over to it for audio and video. I have two Playstations, a Philips 4K disc player and a Chromecast Ultra hooked up this way, and switching between them is seamless.
  14. Cody k

    How do you update web browser on Lg smart tv?

    There are a couple of options. See if there is a CBS app in the LG webstore. I do not believe there is, but I have not checked recently. There is CBS All Access, which is a pay service. It has some great content, new and old, for just a few bucks per month, and will have a lot more than is available on their website. Get a Chromecast. This would be my number one suggestion. With it, you can use the CBS app on your phone/tablet to cast right to the TV, or from a Chrome browser on your desktop. the Chromecast does all the work, with the mobile device just acting as a remote, so you can continue to use it while casting. There are other devices, like Roku and Amazon Fire, but I am not familiar with their specific app or casting support. I can tell you that, last I checked, Chromecast is the only device that supports screen-mirroring from both iOS and Android devices.
  15. Cody k

    Can't turn off Fireworks screen saver

    You shouldn't insult others when you have no idea what you're talking about. Utahbob is 100% correct. The screensaver is the first line of defense put into the TV to prevent burn-in and image retention, which is a concern with OLED technology. If the screensaver comes on, it is literally because you are NOT watching the TV, but have whatever you are watching paused for over two minutes. Fun fact: when you hit 'play' or any button on the remote, the screensaver will instantly stop and whatever you are watching will resume.