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  1. You are very tense about something that isn't an issue if you use the TV the way a TV is meant to be used: watch content on it. But you go be you. Get an inferior TV and feel like you've won.
  2. No, and it never will be. eARC requires hardware that was not introduced until the 9 series.
  3. That sounds unlikely. I've had a C7 for eighteen months and it never supported lossless audio. The TV does not have and never had a transcoder for those codecs.
  4. This is because the TV outputs audio via ARC, or its internal speakers + Optical. Neither of those methods supports TrueHD or any lossless audio. ARC only supports DD+ with Atmos metadata, and Optical won't support Atmos in any form. Your option would be to find a device that connects to your receiver by HDMI, like a 4K Blu-Ray player, which can play media files from an external drive. Or, y'know, buy the movies legitimately.
  5. You cannot disable Dolby Vision on your TV's Netflix app without losing 4K entirely. They do not provide an HDR10 stream to devices that support DV. What is almost definitely happening is your TV's Dolby Vision settings are probably wrong. Just as with any other input, and with regular HDR content, there are several preset options to choose from for DV. If yours defaulted to one of the Technicolor presets, most people find those to be too yellow. Scroll through them and find one you like. My personal choice is 'Cinema Home' with all of the Motion Smoothing effects turned off.
  6. The two methods I know of are to cast it from a mobile device with Chromecast, and subscribe to it through Amazon Prime Video, which has an app on the TV. I don't know if Roku or Fire Stick has the app.
  7. Sony and some other manufacturers also have the app on some of their models. It definitely is not a Samsung exclusive.
  8. That I couldn't answer as we do all of our subscriptions - currently HBO, CBS AA and Starz - through Amazon. Previously we had Showtime through it as well. The quality has always been excellent. Our Hulu quality has been excellent as well but we've never tried any of the add-ons. We did CBS AA as a standalone on our old Sony 4K TV and the quality was definitely not as good as Amazon's. My info on the HBO comparison comes from people talking about it this past week.
  9. The issue here is 100% user error. It isn't insulting at all to point that out. My methods are the ones that work for millions of people. Your inability to do what millions of others can do is nobody's problem but yours.
  10. And for the record, I have a C7, so almost the exact same set with the exact same OS. Of I can do this via multiple methods, you could if you'd stop with the bullshit and just follow any of the methods I outlined.
  11. I tried to help you. I gave you MULTIPLE methods for doing what you want to do. You have been unable to do a basic thing. This is not me being condescending, it's you being unable to manage a basic task.
  12. Bullsh*t you can't. I just checked it on my wife's iPhone. Your issues are strictly PBKAC. >I worked for DirecTV for a couple of years specifically on testing streaming video.  I find this VERY hard to believe, since you have only the vaguest understanding of how streaming video works. Maaaaybe you were a consumer in a consumer trial, but I find it impossible to believe that anyone would pay you for any technical consultation.
  13. TV and console browsers are always mediocre for streaming media. On the stargatecommand.co website, some of the videos play on the LG, others don't. The absolute best option is casting from a mobile device, which the LG does brilliantly if an app supports casting.
  14. If you are already a subscriber to HBO Now, get the app and cast to the TV from it. Easy Peasy.

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