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  1. The issue here is 100% user error. It isn't insulting at all to point that out. My methods are the ones that work for millions of people. Your inability to do what millions of others can do is nobody's problem but yours.
  2. And for the record, I have a C7, so almost the exact same set with the exact same OS. Of I can do this via multiple methods, you could if you'd stop with the bullshit and just follow any of the methods I outlined.
  3. I tried to help you. I gave you MULTIPLE methods for doing what you want to do. You have been unable to do a basic thing. This is not me being condescending, it's you being unable to manage a basic task.
  4. Bullsh*t you can't. I just checked it on my wife's iPhone. Your issues are strictly PBKAC. >I worked for DirecTV for a couple of years specifically on testing streaming video.  I find this VERY hard to believe, since you have only the vaguest understanding of how streaming video works. Maaaaybe you were a consumer in a consumer trial, but I find it impossible to believe that anyone would pay you for any technical consultation.
  5. TV and console browsers are always mediocre for streaming media. On the stargatecommand.co website, some of the videos play on the LG, others don't. The absolute best option is casting from a mobile device, which the LG does brilliantly if an app supports casting.
  6. If you are already a subscriber to HBO Now, get the app and cast to the TV from it. Easy Peasy.
  7. I don't know what you mean. It sounds like you're insisting on accessing it through a browser, but why the hell would you want that? HBO's website is garbage as an interface. Using any of my three suggested methods works perfectly and will get you crystal-clear video and audio.
  8. I'm not sure if it's on HBO or LG to actually develop the app, but either way one needs to provide the other with an API for them to work from. That, of course, comes after they reach a licensing agreement and the two companies haven't even gotten to that point yet. The one down-side to LGs is the crappy app selection, but there are workarounds for nearly every one.
  9. Subscribe through Amazon Prime Video. Same price as any other method, $15/month. If you subscribe through your cable provider, use the HBO Go app. If you prefer, you can subscribe through HBO Now. Both apps support casting to the TV.
  10. >Streaming video requires the Adobe Flash Player plug-in which is not available for the LG browser because LG doesn't have legal permission to include Flash in the browser. This is not true. Flash is not included in browsers because it is an insecure, outdated technology that no modern browser encourages the use of and which most browsers block by default. It was replaced years ago by HTML5, and has even been retired by its developer.
  11. You clearly haven't tried everything, because I can watch it on mine.
  12. 4K Blu-Ray maxes out at 128 Mbit/s. I 99.99% guarantee your IPTV service is not outputting at anything close to that bandwidth. If they *are* sharing movies at anything close to that bitrate I also 99.99% guarantee it is pirated content. Don't try to have your cake and eat it too; just buy a 4K Blu-Ray player, invest in some discs, pay a legitimate price for content and enjoy top quality without buffering.
  13. If the SpectrumTV app supports Chromecast you can send it to the TV that way. Get a Chromecast (usually around $20). Even if the app doesn't natively support CC, you can screen-mirror content from it to your TV with a CC.
  14. No, but you can probably access a version of FB through the web browser. Alternately, you can screen-mirror your phone to the TV by a number of methods like ChromeCast and Samsung's SmartThings.
  15. It's funny that everyone ascribes the inability to change the wallpaper selection to negligence on LG's part, but on OLEDs it serves a very specific purpose of protecting the screen. The pictures aren't randomly chosen by LG, they're intended to provide balanced coverage to all parts of the screen and all of the pixels. There is no way for the OS to vet the pictures people would choose to replace them with. Invariably some yobs would choose a single picture, probably even one with a single very bright spot like the sun or a streetlight, and use that as their only background, creating burn-in on their sets that they would invariable blame on the TV.

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