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7 hours ago, Paul S said:

We've enjoyed our LG OLED 7P (55" and 65") - two awesome TVs.  However, I wend shopping for another 65" but it WON'T be an LG.  Without a commitment to keep the Apps updated and neglecting to support Spectrum and others, LG has lost my business.  

As with all operating systems the majority of the apps/programmes are not written by the platform manufacturers.  Apple, Google, Microsoft et al do not produce every single programme for their operating systems, so why do users think that LG is any different?  If you want a Smart TV with the largest amount of apps available then look for an Android based system. 

LG's webOS is one of, if not the easiest, to produce apps for utilising HTML5 and JavaScript, the problem of lack of apps comes down to a couple of issues.  The first is market share with Samsung being one of the largest in the sector, this leads to them having more resources (money) to pull in content providers to their Tizen platform, thus more earning potential for the provider.  The second is that many content providers rely heavily on proprietary back-ends that do not support open standards making it harder to programme for webOS, if you reach more market share through another platform which are you going to programme for?  Hotstar was one example of this with no app still available users were left to try and watch content via the webOS browser, however they were unable to do so until very recently when the site was updated to both recognise the browser ID string and serve the media in a format that could be used by said browser.

Rant over.

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Thank you for your reply - it was informative.  

My understanding (provided by a LG region manager only verbally) is that the new 2019 LG OLEDs will support the additional apps we are missing including the updated Hulu live streaming,  and that there are no hardware limitations in the 2017 and 2018 LG OLEDs to prevent the new webOS-based apps from working. The limitation is LG's alone and could be easily "unlocked" and installed with the next update.  Assuming that is true, I can't point to the app providers.  Its up to LG to open the "sandbox" - sorry if I am using this term incorrectly.     


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