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  1. My smart TV remote control developed a problem where it would jump up and down the menu. If you have this problem the way to fix it is to open up your remote control (pops open by slipping in to the bottom corner with blade or similar flat item and prize open) then taking the circuit board remove scroll wheel then spray WD40 or similar allow to soak in then wipe off surplus and gently tap out,replace scroll wheel and work it well by rolling it then wipe again and put back together....job done!
  2. Just by going on the site your a guest ,you just can't comment or like,or upload content to do this you need to sign in to an account.
  3. I never use the APP as i have it on my search engine which is a better version, only problem is i cant access my account i can only watch content as a guest because Google no longer support the old version of the search engine!.
  4. If your using a smart TV then it wont work as its a program you need to down load and the TV as you know does not support down loading, i use a PC for this. It is also the reason you can't upgrade your search engine and this is a problem LG needs to fix! as Google are no longer supporting some search engines and sites, this means we will be unable to access Gmail and Youtube accounts and many other things. Google and LG need to get together and get it sorted......
  5. Sadly no your TV like mine and all others are not computers and cant upload or down load programs, which means at some point your very basic search engine becomes the old version and no longer supported. This causes problems like not being able to access basic functions like emails and site memberships like Youtube and Gmail and many others. Its my opinion that the big search engine companies should provide a dedicated OS for TVs as this is a big failure on their side in a growing entertainment/communication market. Sadly many people,pensioners,mentaly disabled,unemployed or just plain poor cannot afford to buy a new TV. Its a very basic thing that the TV manufacturers are letting us down on. If i was them i would have a docking bay on the TV that would allow an updated and formatted hard drive to be inserted to get around this problem it's a cheap and easy solution with advantages. Another product to sell LG after all who says that if they do buy a replacement TV it will be an LG TV?
  6. My 55UH850V can no longer access my gmail or my Youtube account because Google no longer support the browser, this is a growing problem as on many other sites i have the message "we will no longer be supporting this browser please update to new Chrome" can LG do an APP or fix this problem? My TV is only 5 years old and already out of date i feel let down by LG, surely an update enable search engine should be a must for smart TV, maybe a docking port for a hard drive on the back of new TVs so you can slot in a LG formatted hard dive at the side or bottom for down load of new systems for LG to keep TVs up to date. I have a hard drive through USB on the TV to record programs but it can only record what you are watching this also is a pain as you generally record a program so you can watch something eles, a common sense issue that LG should have picked up on.

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