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Just recently I bought a new LG55UJ634 with webOS3.5.

The remote control has an Amazon button, but when clicking on it, no Amazon Music is available...

So I kindly request to add Amazon Music to the app store. I have an Amazon stick and wanted to use my new TV without this (accustic problems,etc.).

Hope for your support.



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I encourage everyone to report the Web browser issue to Amazon.  If Pandora works Amazon Music should be able to. 

I tried Amazon Support  but basically got ignored.  We need some numbers.

On 10/28/2017 at 2:32 PM, mbrumm said:

I have the same request.  I have tried  to  use the Web browser  and find that it will not work with amazon music. I have gotten  Jango to load and play  in the browser .


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Perhaps you can explain the following messsage from Amazon Music when I have flash disabled? Additionally, if for some inexpicable reason Opera can stream Amazon Music without flash, it doesn't resolved the issue of accessing the site from an LG which only allows internet access from the default in-house browser and would display the same message as below.


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8 minutes ago, bill456 said:

perhaps you can explain the following messsage from Amazon Music when I have flash disabled.


Absolutely no idea, I am just going by 

link hidden, please login to view
 telling me there are no Flash elements, and that I have support for it disabled in Opera.

Quite rightly Flash is never going to be supported in webOS, the same as it does not receive support by iOS devices and Samsung TVs.   It is a dying product; which no one in their right mind would spend money on developing support for at this late stage in its life cycle.

Contacting Amazon to add you voice to those who want webOS to be better represented would be a good move.  An actual app would be the best case scenario. 

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4 hours ago, George Hofmeister said:

Contacting Amazon to add you voice to those who want webOS to be better represented would be a good move.  An actual app would be the best case scenario. 

I agree, have contacted Amazon, and others who remain steadfast in their use of Flash. I strongly suspect that time will be the determinate factor as it appears that Adobe will be designating Flash as obsolete, providing no support or security patches whatsoever, by 2020.

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