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  1. it is in the LG store on WebOS 4.0 TV's in Canada so I would assume it is approved... Apps are country/region specific, so what is available in one may not be in another. And availability also OS dependent as well
  2. Without knowing what country your TV is assigned to, all webOS apps are found in the LG Content store on your TV and availability is based on what country you have assigned your TV to. Some if not most media streaming apps are not universally available. You can do a web search to determine if the LG webOS Amazon app is available in your country On a related note the Magic Remote for select 2018 LG AI ThinQ Smart TV's has an Amazon button right on it ( LG AN-MR18BA MR18BA Magic Remote Control )
  3. The melody is generated by your Onkyo A/V receiver. Check it's settings to see if possible to silence at startup
  4. you should have access to a basic equalizer in Menu > Sound > Standard mode
  5. It shouldn't be a problem if both show connected as ethernet is the default networking connection however you can try a possible workaround to the no wifi on/off switch. 1. ensure you have an ethernet connection 2. enter the edit function to your wifi connection. 3. clear all the boxes in wifi connection and exit out. If there is a auto connect checkbox make sure it is unchecked. If all goes well you should only have an ethernet connection remaining.
  6. Depending on the region DAZN is available on your LG content store. It is currently available in Canada, cannot speak to other regions
  7. Yes you can play Amazon Music to your LG smart tv through connecting any external source connected via HDMI, ethernet, component, etc or stream via bluetooth (if supported), smartshare, Miracast, etc. I listen streaming from my mobile phone
  8. Unless I am missing what you are asking, the best protection for your LG TV from the many forms of internet attacks is done through your home network with a cyber security software. The majority of decent routers provide protection through the router firewall and embedded apps. For instance Asus routers have an excellent app, Micro Trend's AiProtection, which is active throughout your home network and working before an attack of any sort can reach your TV.
  9. Is there a way to permanently delete apps to free up both ROM and RAM? Uninstalling does not do it to allow for your TV response time to improve. A regular reset also fails to accomplish it. Will a factory reset produce the desired results?
  10. You can try to reset the magic remote, instructions as per LG: 1. Press the home and back button on the remote simultaneously for 5 seconds. 2. You will see the red light blinks thrice on the remote which means the remote has been “reset”. 3. Now point the remote towards the television and press the scroll wheel that doubles up as the “okay” button. 4. You get the message that the registration is complete. 5. You are now ready to use the magic remote to control your television features. 6. If the problem persists please call the local service center of the LG dealer for assistance.
  11. I must be missing something but why not just connect your pc/laptop via HDMI cable?
  12. Additionally you could turn off auto updates on your LG. When you see a notification of update then pull the usb from the TV before initializing the update.
  13. you can try a request to get LG to add app on the LG webOS Wish List forum page. Go to home page of forum and you will see the wish list page
  14. Unfortunately you can't watch on a LG unless you connect a PC or laptop via HDMI cable, bluetooth or WiFI. Amazon Music website requires Flash and Flash is not supported on webOS browser.
  15. I now have an issue with what appears to be back light screen bleeding from the bottom corners of my screen on a 49UF6900, particularly when the video is light. Would anyone having experienced bleed on their screen have a solution or does it need a tech to resolve/repair?
  16. I agree, have contacted Amazon, and others who remain steadfast in their use of Flash. I strongly suspect that time will be the determinate factor as it appears that Adobe will be designating Flash as obsolete, providing no support or security patches whatsoever, by 2020.
  17. Perhaps you can explain the following messsage from Amazon Music when I have flash disabled? Additionally, if for some inexpicable reason Opera can stream Amazon Music without flash, it doesn't resolved the issue of accessing the site from an LG which only allows internet access from the default in-house browser and would display the same message as below.
  18. The reason Amazon Music will not work on the LG browser is because Amazon like many other streaming services requires Flash on their Amazon Music portal/web page. FYI
  19. The issue likely stems from your router/modem, not the TV. Your network (modem and router if separate) should be rebooted by unplugging for 10 seconds at least once a month although it wouldn't hurt to do so bi-weekly. Modems, particularly cable modems are notorious for keeping everything cache'd and filling up without releasing. Doing regular network reboots will likely resolve your issues on your wireless signal dropping. If it continues there may be a problem with the wireless signal from the router, interference from other devices, hardware issue, etc. Word of advice, if modem/router is nearby it is always better to use an ethernet (wired) connection fewer potential problems to deal with.
  20. I haven't found a Screensavers setting however in Advanced Settings > Picture > Energy Saving you are able to turn off video completely. Not sure which webOS you have but I suspect it is available in all iterations... 49UF6900 - webOS 2.0
  21. Magic Remote setup/configuration: Reset your LG > Advanced Settings > General Your TV will reboot. Have your magic remote ponted at tv for when reboot completes You will be prompted to click on enter/ok (depress wheel on centre of remote) Step by step instructions will follow to configure remote for peripheral devices (cable/media boxes, Home Theater, Blu Ray, etc). App content in LG Store Enjoy!
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