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  1. I started from here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us?ref_=dm_cpweb_contactcs&initialIssue=digital-order
  2. I encourage everyone to report the Web browser issue to Amazon. If Pandora works Amazon Music should be able to. I tried Amazon Support but basically got ignored. We need some numbers.
  3. I just routed an HDMI cable to my PC that is in a different room. Now I'm thinking it would be great if I could use the remote on the PC. Does such a thing exist? I didn't find anything when searching.
  4. Curiosity Stream is available as an Amazon Channel. If you have the remote app it will open a keyboard if you have focus on an input box.
  5. Pandora works great in the web browser. You can even pin the bookmark to the home page as if it were an app. Amazon Music can only play the first track. Report the bug to Amazon as they are looking at it. The more bug reports the better.

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