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Amazon Music won't open on C2 v.03.21.30

tim p


I have two LG C2 tv's both running OS 03.21.30. Attempts to update the OS state that this is the current version as of 12/2022.  Amazon Music won't open on either of them, the splash screen appears and that's it, for hours.  It opens fine on other devices in the house, Sony TV, PC's, and droid phones. Other streaming apps work fine with no buffering or glitches.

The solutions offered online list instructions for clearing app caches using a series of menus that aren't even remotely close to the menus available on these TV's.  I've checked every available menu and there's absolutely nothing offering the ability to clear app caches. App Manager offers exactly two options: Launch or Delete. Others insist that you need to clear the cache from within the app but of course the app won't open so that's a dead end.  I did clear the browser cache but it had no effect this AMZN Music problem.

So far I've also:

  • Deleted and re-installed the app multiple times;
  • Left the TV's unplugged 24+ hours;
  • Full reboot of the router multiple times;
  • Factory Reset of the TV's.

If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve buying a fire stick I'm very interested - thanks

(edit) one of these tv's is five feet from the router.  Distance isn't the issue.

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Snap, I'm having the same issue. Put my lg smart tv /50UM7450PLA on this afternoon and when  I put the amazon music app on, all I had was blue screen with amazon music and continuously loading. Have deleted app several times, switched off on mains, and also switched router off and on. but all to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Having same problem with my 50UQ7070ZUE.  Have gone thru various install, uninstalls, factory reset, reset internet, check software update, all of the supposed fixes that LG recommends you go thru.  Just in Facebook messenger with supposed tech support for LG.  It's like they all read off of the same flip chart.  Very frustrating.

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All of the suggestions on that link were attempted, but none worked. As reported in the post above, the problem ended up being the Amazon app update that was no playing well with the LG TVs. The Amazon CS team confirmed that to me when I was troubleshooting after trying everything else for hours to correct it. Once they corrected it in late Dec, all was well

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