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  1. The update 03.23.17 has occured yesterday in France. Do someone try to set the language in French (or another) to have the update ? By the way I received my AN-MR500 remote yesterday too. It works very well.
  2. hi, mribeiro:I'm looking some stuff like that too, but I'm feeling a little bit "padawan" to begin. Try this http://connectsdk.com/download/ Found on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/LGwebOS Good Idea for a dev section ! but I can't swore to be very regular.
  3. Sorry for missing such information, williamsats, I'm in France.
  4. Alleluia ! the update has come today (15/05/2014) and the store is open ! skype, youtube, arte+7 for me !
  5. This TV set still a very good device, some stuff is working very well: - 3D - Miracast from a samsung phone (only display from photos and video, not screen mirroring) - Optical output to a DSP - Network connexion by wire - HDMI and Component intputs (automaticaly reconized when a signal is in) - AND watching TV from DVB-T My former set coudn't do the 4 first things (the williamsats' sandwhich is far more tasty than my older ;-). djazzy, your comment about changing country to have some more apps is very interresting. Alex was right about May: http://www.trustedreviews.com/
  6. Hi, Wiliamsats, Hi Alex. My problems are the same as yours: No LG Store in France, no Magic Remote AN-MR500 available. Has anyone a date about thiese events (Alex, is "this month" May ?) Otherwise, LG Customer support is answering very fast and precisely, but they can't tell more about a date in a country or a buying location.
  7. The begining of a new OS seem to be hard: no update scheddule, no compatibility information (the LG Magic remote don't work with recent models). Please LG, bring the source code public, updates and fuctionalities will be much faster available ! Otherwise, give us informations about firmware releases.
  8. No update for France, my webos stills at 3.00.56. I bought the AN-MR400 magic remote. It does'nt seem to work on a 42LB650. What is the problem with the LG appliances ? Are all their stuff half achieved ? is it reliable ? is there a problem with the software ? Anyway, I can still watch TV.
  9. I recently bought a 42LB650V. Very awesome TV set with a good image quality and a "headacheless" 3D but few things are not yet ready: LG store comming soon (when ?) Smartshare can't read all files and lhe list is quite unreadable. Does someone else own this TV ?

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