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  1. Buy a samsung TV, every model has this feature since 2010
  2. Plans for Webos are very discouraging, LG does not know what to do with your operating system. Are internally disorganized, it seems that everything goes astray. Guess life wasn’t good LG !!!! see this article. http://gigaom.com/2014/08/28/a-failed-experiment-how-lg-screwed-up-its-webos-acquisition/ A failed experiment: How LG screwed up its webOS acquisition by Janko Roettgers AUG. 28, 2014 - 5:00 AM PDT 26 Comments A A SUMMARY:webOS was supposed to become LG’s way forward in the smart TV space, and the team behind it was to bring change to the company.
  3. Same problem, but solved, 55LB6500, My S4 has rooted, actualice to Kit Kat, and your problem will be solved, everything works fine.
  4. Neither my Nokia BT headset, or my beats BT headphones, maybe is retricted to only LG BT devices, but they say that any device work on WebOS.
  5. If newer models barely handle it
  6. Right all samsung tv has PIP from tv on HDMI mode (even the low end 32F4300 has PIP), very useful when your are on PC mode. 7 years ago bought a LG plasma that had PIP (very good tv), and after that I've just bought samsung, now wanted to try again with LG, but I find that it has lost much rather than improved. For now WebOS is a very poor piece of software
  7. Central America TV 55LB6500, software version is 4.0013 WebOS 1.2.02810 there is no change log on any site of LG or any version til now, Only chages some location icons and is a little tiny a bit faster. On loading menus, but the loading time is still very frustrating
  8. On actual version 4.0013 the webOS is very slow (way better than the 3.xxx ver, but no suficient), it takes too long to load, it is very difficult to get into some menu takes too long to get in becuase de load time, does not seem like 2014 technology, even my samsung es6500 monocore is a way faster on loading menus. I takes turn after 5 to 10 seconds have available options such as changing normal tv channel, it feels like an old and poorly optimized software.
  9. Cant update via USB, how do you do that, the software upgrade guide on de LGs page dont work
  10. Please put this fature on LB6500 , tv PIP on HDMI mode
  11. Is there any way to put the smartshare app on 30hz mode? Like on HDMI mode, I like this mode the screen looks sharpen
  12. When will be available de LG app store for panama and central america, ande WEBOS update,
  13. please make suppor por A2DP audio on bluthoot devices

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