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  1. I'm downloading SW Version 05.30.25 as I type. What are the changes? (USA) Nevermind, I found it.
  2. Do you have a subscription to HULU?
  3. Thanks for letting us know, this is good news indeed. Hopefully other Premium Channel providers will follow suit!
  4. Completely agree. I ended up getting a Roku to get around the issue. Hopefully LG will through their weight around and get behind updated (HTML 5) apps in the future.
  5. The short answer is no. There is another topic that you can read here -
  6. I got a Roku Streaming Stick for Christmas, so it's a non-issue now. No way I'm paying twice for the same thing. It just irritating that due to software, the consumer gets boxed in a corner.
  7. Even MORE confusing is if you have an LG TV with web os 3.5, the hbogo app is available.. Watch the video below. Or maybe it's regional and NOT what we've been told.
  8. Thank you for sharing this info. It very well be a regional thing, but this TV has Web OS 3.5. Latest update available that I can get has Web OS 3.3. I'm not knowledgeable enough about the differences between 3.5 and 3.3, so maybe someone else can comment.
  9. Thank you George. I will make a request as well and hopefully others will do the same.
  10. Correct. You do get access to several HBO shows, movies. I am pretty certain if you pay for the HBO "channel" through Amazon, you get full access. But since my cable package includes HBO, I refuse to pay again. It's also interesting to note that after hbogo and other mobile apps came out, the content available from "On Demand" was drastically reduced.
  11. Because Amazon won't let you. They have a deal with HBO, Showtime etc that you have to buy to get access to the full content. You cannot use your premium channel login.
  12. HBO GO like many of the other Premium channels require Adobe Flash. OS 3.0 doesn't support Flash, so we the consumers get screwed. I should have done more research before I bought my LG. I love the picture quality, but I also bought this "Smart" TV so I could drop the Roku. Lesson learned ;-)
  13. This is money in the pockets of HBO, Showtime and all the rest. The more places their content is available, it's more likely people will subscribe to their service. I just don't understand this approach at all.
  14. I have to say I was not happy to find out that none of the premium channels are supported. I have to disagree that LG doesn't have some influence on the apps. The fact is the software doesn't support flash. That's between LG and Adobe. Funny Netflix and Amazon Apps work just fine.. I really wish they would address this issue.

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