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Mine is also not opening Hulu. I get an error that says "Can't access this service" or something like that. Started 3 days ago and yes I have subscription that is active. It opens fine on my PC. I have the Hulu icon on smart TV screen but it doesn't show in my apps. I cannot figure out how to uninstall and then reinstall since it doesn't show in MY Apps. Any specific how to info would be really nice

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Called LG cust service. Was told HULU no longer supports LG Smart TV application. First YouTube was pulled now HULU is pulled, wonder what is next.

If u have XBOXONE u can dowwload the HULU app and install it on XBOX.


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Well that's poopy! Thanks for the info. Yeah have an Xbox but not on that TV. I wonder if Hulu is on other brand smart tv's.  I am thinking I need a bigger screen but if this is across all brands might as well get a regular tv and check the firesticks and other options. And the new Steven king series is coming this summer too. Dang! Thanks again so much. That will save me some time.

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Haha. I don't even know if my LG uses OS. I was trying to do something a while back on my smart TV and found this forum and i think I downloaded OS to tv but I can't remember. My brain is full and I can't always remember. My TV was bought in November 2012. And my Hulu was working fine till like 4 nights ago. 

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7 hours ago, Mandyhoffman said:

Haha. I don't even know if my LG uses OS. I was trying to do something a while back on my smart TV and found this forum and i think I downloaded OS to tv but I can't remember. My brain is full and I can't always remember. My TV was bought in November 2012. And my Hulu was working fine till like 4 nights ago. 

If you can find the model number of your TV users would be able to tell you exactly which operating system it has.  I am going to take a guess that being a 2012 model it is running NetCast which is LG's previous iteration of Smart TV and not covered by this forum.

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