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  1. Just sucks that I bought this " smart tv" to simplify everything. I love the tv itself but smart tv's themselves are obsolete without a complete range of apps. LG phones run on android so they have these apps. With chromecast, firestick , roku etc there is almost no use for a smart tv with only a few apps.
  2. This was my response from LG. What a bunch of BS! Hi Leon, Thank you so much for contacting LG Email Services. It is our pleasure to assist you with your inquiries or concerns about your LG devices. I understand that you are curious on why the HBO GO or Showtime Anytime application is still unavailable with the LG 55UJ6540 TV. With regards to your concern, please allow me to inform you that in order for LG to add an application to the list of application it can offer to our valued customers like you, LG and the developer of the application needs to reach an agreement that our units can
  3. I just bought an LG smart tv only to find out that HBO GO and SHO Anytimw are not available?!?!?! This seems totally crazy. Why would LG do this ? I am thinking about taking it back to the store and getting something else. I feel like buying a Chromecast or Firestick would just defeat the purpose of having a "Smart TV". I don't want 300 remotes. Is there any effort by LG to put these apps on their operating system?

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