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4 hours ago, ReneVlEugel said:

I own a LG HU85LS very happy with that but now I don't see the Disney plus app. 

Where an when can I get it?

Hi @ReneVlEugel

Unfortunately the only people who are going to be able to tell you if the HU85LS is going to get the app is Disney themselves.  Try asking them via their Twitter feed.

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On 10/11/2020 at 9:26 PM, ReneVlEugel said:

They mentioned to use the browser in this high end beamer, that works but [email protected]#€€#@ annoying. Far from app usability. Is there nothing LG can do about this? Disney plus should work on a webos 4.5 which my beamer is working on. 

Unfortunately there is nothing LG can do about any content provider not providing an app for the platform or specific device.  Writing an app for the webOS platform is relatively straight forwards in comparison say iOS as it uses a lot of standard HTML5 coding.  However, it does require knowledge of how the app is going to integrate and communicate with the content provider's infrastructure, so it is 'easier' if the content provider to write the app.

It can also be a problem to write for webOS if the content provider's infrastructure relies on old technologies such as Adobe Flash and has proprietary video streaming software.  Before HOTSTAR was able to produce an app they had to change/upgrade their set up; which was firstly evidenced by their website becoming compatible with the webOS browser to allow it to stream content.

Another issue is that LG while producing TVs that have brilliant picture quality, in global sales terms they only have roughly half the sales market than Samsung.  Thus content providers are firstly going to produce apps for the platform that has the largest market share and/or run Android.

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At last I see the Disney plus app, but now the LG content store is mentioning, to use this app the software needs to be updated yes/no so I click yes and then I get the notification , "can't update software" 

Does anyone have an idea?

I did already power of and pull the power cord form the mains. And restarted.


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On 11/13/2020 at 10:19 PM, ReneVlEugel said:

At last I see the Disney plus app, but now the LG content store is mentioning, to use this app the software needs to be updated yes/no so I click yes and then I get the notification , "can't update software" 

Does anyone have an idea?

I did already power of and pull the power cord form the mains. And restarted.


I have exactly the same problem. Do you have a solution?

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