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  1. I want to that if I'm running my LG OLED CX at WebOS 5.0. I know it gets quality updates geting version upgrade to 5.1 from 5.0 like this. But I want to know will it get update for WebOS 6.0?
  2. I have LG Oled CX, Of course it supports HDR/Dolby Vision. And there are few more titles available in 4K in Disney+Hotstar. I have an android TV too and it's Disney+Hotstar is updated with 4K support. Why the update of Disney+Hotstar is not coming in WebOS. I clearly stated that it was last updated on 3.4.2020. In India only WebOS' Disney+Hotstar is not updated, all other platforms like Android TV, Apple TV is streaming 4K in Disney+Hotstar and they are getting regular updates. It's not about my LG TV only, it's about the whole country!
  3. When will Disney+Hotstar update to support 4K HDR on WebOS Version 5.1? Disney+Hotstar is streaming 4K HDR in Android TV, Apple TV, Firestick. Then when WebOs will start streaming 4K HDR? Disney+Hotstar was last updated on 3/4/20. When will a new update will come with 4K HDR support in WebOS?

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