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  1. I want to move my 65EF9500 from a flat wall to a corner where it would need to swing out, aka articulated, but every bracket i find says it is not compatible with the 65EF9500? Is there something non-standard about this early OLED model? Can anyone recommend a corner wall mount bracket?
  2. i believe smartshare folders are limited to 999 files each, probably due to tv RAM. I pretty much gave-up on using smartshare from a laptop.
  3. Thankyou for posting this. I was wondering if it was just me or what. I had figured out that all on-screen help, asking for password, etc was totally outdated and not updated for windows 10, and had given-up on ever doing screen share wirelessly. I have cat-5 going from router to LG so my thinking is/was that I would need to unhook that, connect LG using wi-fi, then try smart share.... Forget it... too much trouble. A work-around for me is that I have a 25' hdmi cable hooked to LG and just sitting coiled-up on floor, then then I want to show pictures (or anything) from laptop I just connect hdmi to laptop like an external monitor.... not perfect but super easy and works great. Seems to me like LG just stopped updating webOS 2.0 and is now working on the next thing. Lack of apps and especially flash, makes me wish i had got a dumb tv with a dedicated computer for it instead of a "smart" tv. Picture and viewing angles on my 65EF9500(Jan2016 Mexico) are wonderful though, which is how i ended up choosing this tv.in the first place. Yes, in Win10, that little icon that looks like a cartoon caption in lower right next to time/date is the easy way to get to all settings. If anyone knows of a forum for users of webOS 2.0 please let me know. Perhaps LG will announce 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade soon and all will good? I really hope so.

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