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Disney+ app not in LG Content Store?


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Love my 65” EF9500 (software v. 4.26.35) and use apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime, but cannot find way to get Disney+ app from the LG Content store?  
Feeble work-around is to stream from windows laptop using Screen Share… but that’s a hassle and not spouse/kid friendly.  This ‘smart’ TV was the best available 5 or 6-ish years ago but is it now obsolete?  Picture is still fabulous!

Question to anyone reading this…How do you play Disney+ content on your LG tv?

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Sorry no one has replied to you with this matter. I had the same exact model, the EF9500, and there is no sign of Disney+! Such a shame, as like you stated, I bought this TV when it was state-of-the-art just a few short years ago! Where you able to find a workaround other than streaming from an alt device (i.e. Roku, etc)?

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