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Flash player not working

Christopher Dean


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43 minutes ago, Christopher Dean said:

In web TV the flash player will not work and cannot seem to download.  This is preventing a lot of streaming from TV whihc is very frustrating.  Is there a solution?  Why is this not compatible LG?

LG webOS does not support Flash, this is for many reasons.  To the best of my knowledge none of the major SMART TV manufacturers support Flash either.

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5 minutes ago, George Hofmeister said:

LG webOS does not support Flash, this is for many reasons.  To the best of my knowledge none of the major SMART TV manufacturers support Flash either.

Thanks for the bad news.  My workaround is to livestream on Iphone or ipad and use apple tv to watch on the big screen.  Damn Flash is ubiquitous and disliked by many.

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2 minutes ago, Christopher Dean said:

Thanks for the bad news.  My workaround is to livestream on Iphone or ipad and use apple tv to watch on the big screen.  Damn Flash is ubiquitous and disliked by many.

Ubiquitous, yes I agree but sadly now hideously out-dated and it only has a couple of years of life left at Adobe.  No one in their right mind would start programming for it at this late stage in its life, the problem of course is getting those who's products are deeply engrained with Flash to invest in moving on to more modern technologies. 

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Flash is hardly ubiquitous anymore, and is actually being phased out pretty rapidly. Adobe announced last year that they will discontinue it entirely by 2020 and started winding down support for it almost immediately. Chrome had already stopped active support for Flash in 2016, and Steve Jobs famously said no iOS mobile device would ever support it. It's beyond a "late stage in its life" at this point. Flash is in its coffin, and the only reason it hasn't been buried yet is to give app and browser developers time to migrate to other formats like HTML5.


the webOS browser actually does better than any other browser I've ever used on a console or Smart TV at delivering web content, including video. The best way by far to get brower content to your TV, though, is by casting from a mobile device, or from a Chrome browser through a Chromecast.

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