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  1. Change default source

    Settings → All Settings → Programme → Programme Tuning and Settings → Programme List Update → Off This issue happens because your TV is trying to search for updates within the TV's channel listings. This was something that was implemented with the latest software versions because the governing body who look after the channels wanted the TV to scan for updates at 4am in the morning. This means that your TV will switch to your Live TV for this update, and cause your TV to default to that input instead of the last input used as it thinks it was the last one. Turning this off will stop this process and hopefully keep your last input used on.
  2. Change default source

    I have went into the all devices menu and clicked on 'remove from launcher' (live tv) turned set off on and it worked fine, whether it does tomorrow is another matter haha.
  3. Change default source

    Probably not but cant think of anything else? If somebody just played an X-box on their new tv most of the time it must be possible to change a setting so the tv starts on that source? ridiculous if you cant? I sent Lg another email, probably get the same reply.
  4. Change default source

    Its a Sky box mate, doesnt have a display on it. I had a magic remote but didnt really use it as can control most things with the Sky remote so sold it. the first time i set the tv up i had an android box, games console and the set top box going into a HDMI hub and the hub the only cable going into the back of the TV. I removed the hub at the weekend there and put all three boxes directly into the TV as there is 3 HDMI ports, wonder if i take them out and put them back into the hub it will stop doing what its doing?
  5. Change default source

    set-top box, blu ray player, home theatre, sound bar, speakers,game console, smartphone, PC, external storage, thats it? no mention of 'decoder box'no.
  6. Change default source

    just came in from work and turned the set on...... DTV so didnt work mate?
  7. Change default source

    When i reset it there i ignored the livetv+ setbox option, just chose set top box, no massive deal reseting it right enough it just took a few minutes, to be honest i wouldnt be surprised if when i come in from work tomorrow and turn it on it goes to live tv again, i see the option is still at the top when i press the connections button on the remote. my provider is Sky, not much else in the UK.
  8. Change default source

    Think that did the trick mate? weeks ive been trying to sort that for weeks, even asked Lg they sent me a pointless email, doesnt even mention it in the manuals? Still hard to believe you cant change that setting ithout reseting the tv? Smart tv? mmh
  9. Change default source

    Hi, Does anyone know how to change the start up source on a LG 55UJ635V L tv? When i turn it on it starts at Live tv which i dont use so i have to keep changing it to my Sky box (HDMI) source. keep reading it should turn on at the last used source but it doesnt? LG suggested change HDMI ports but that didnt work? driving me mad, even reset the tv and its still doing it?