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Flash not suppoted while streaming



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Guest kooiman

I don't stream that much either ... except for the news of my birth country.

Alas ... my [expensive] LG TV does not support  the Adobe Flash player and LG would not allow

to downloads it. This is my third LG TV; both earlier ones were OK as far as the flash player is concerned.

I feel sorry I upgraded and would like to know why LG does not facilitate.

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Sadly Adobe Flash is an ever changing piece of software and LG probably (somewhat understandably) do not want to spare the time and considerable expense of trying to constantly back-port fixes to earlier versions of their products.  Streaming can easily be supported by friendlier non plug-in methods such as HTML 5, you just have to hope that the streaming provider finally recognises how bad Adobe Flash is and moves to something better or produces a dedicated app for webOS.  As a consumer this is where you come in, go nag the provider.

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My point was more that instead of blaming LG for an outdated buggy insecure third party application that the manufacturer dropped support (for several years) for Unix based systems, of which webOS is one, and streaming  providers  provided dedicated applications for webOS and websites providers used better available alternatives the easier life will be for everyone.  

These guys have apparently produced an independent third party version of Flash , so you could try it: 

link hidden, please login to view
.  It purports to work on LG & Samsung (because they have the same issue with Flash as well).  Let us know how you get on.

Basically Flash is terrible, do everything you can to avoid using it.


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