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Minidlna or ExternalHarddrive cover or thumbnail of folder


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Hail, i'm web programmer and buy new LGsmart TV about week ago but after searching on internet i cant find any recommended directory structure for Movie,Music or Picture that on my TV shows the Covert of Music/Album or Movie Poster.

I use picard music tagger that save inside the album `cover.jpg` of music album art. but seems be LG web os dosnt show it. How can i show the cover of album music instead of default folder Icon in smartshare part.

I got same question about movie. contain movie poster.


After all LG or any devices must have Linux clients for smartshare .. i use minidlna and lg must support this tiny usefull app to help us to connect lg smart devices like TV.


After all WebOs is also linux based os. we need somthing like windows or mac software on most popular distros like Ubuntu.

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    • By derrrface
      I mainly use the file browser to access an external HD which houses a ton of videos (movies/tv shows/etc.) While the built in file manager generates/loads a thumbnail of each video I would like to use my own thumbnail art. Please allow the user to associate a .jpg/.png to each video as well as folder.  Under /Movies is hundreds of video files with generated thumbnails that make finding videos difficult. 
      /Movies/Serial_Mom_1080.jpg (user generated album art)
      /TV shows/Altered Carbon/cover.jpg or anything.jpg
      /TV shows/Six Feet Under/cover.jpg or anything.jpg
      I have lots of folders (especially TV shows) with different seasons in them, being able to associate a thumbnail with each folder would make life that much easier.

      My prior PVP (Micca) was over 10 years old technology that was able to do all of this. I also had a Boxee Box (again >10 year tech) that went a step further and would fetch album art from whatever database (think it was IMDB) load synopsis/cast/reviews etc. 

    • By Dejan
      I have the 55ec930t in Australia with the latest firmware. When I access my synology NAS via smartshare I go to my videos folder and I can only see the first 1000 files in the folder and it won't load the rest or let me somehow go to the next lot of 1000 etc. is this a bug and could the capability to load all files in any folder no matter what the number of files is be added please in the next firmware update.
      I haven't checked this with a photos folder yet.
    • By Martin82
      I guess I'm not the first one asking this basic feature but is there a way to tell LG smart TV to ignore certain folder on USB drive and don't scan it?
    • By Peter Sjostrom
      Hi everyone!
      I have an  LG - 43" Class LED HD Smart webOS TV (Model 43UM6910PUA). 
      I keep all my videos stored on an external hard drive. When I connect this drive, a SEAGATE Expansion Portable 2TB External Hard Drive HDD (Model STEA2000400), to the USB port (back, side) and go to thumbnail view all I see are generic folders with the titles I have given to them. I do not see any of the  "folder.jpg" poster/cover art images which I have in included in every folder together with the video(s) themselves. Why are these folder.jpg images not showing up in thumbnail view? I have no problem on other (older) televisions I have (none of which are LG however). Am I doing something wrong? I have contacted LG support both via email and online chat but have unfortunately not been able to get an answer from them.
      I have included an image of the what I mean by generic folders in thumbnail view (see below). Thank you!

    • By pmugghc
      Hi, I just got a Synology 918+ NAS. I'm trying various options to show all my movies on TV shows on it. Basically, I'd like to have the old-style Windows Media Server  interface, e.g.. I have all my films sorted carefully in different folders and would like to navigate using these folders. Simp0lified example:

      Movies folder
        Folder.jpg (indicating movies)
        Comedy folder
          Folder.jpg (indicating Comedy)
          Comedy Movie 1.avi 
          Comedy Movie 1.jpg  
          Comedy Movie 2.avi 
          Comedy Movie 2.jpg  
        Action folder
          Folder.jpg (indicating action)
          Action Movie 1.avi 
          Action Movie 1.jpg  
          Action Movie 2.avi 
          Action Movie 2.jpg  
      I have the latest WebOS installed. When I try to use the built-in video-photos DLNA player it doesn't show the folder.jpg for each folder, the folders just have a generic icon. Then the film icons (e.g. "action movie 1.jpg") are truncated at the top & bottom,with  pretty poor quality. But at least I can navigate by folder.
      My next try  was to use Plex. It shows each films icon beautifully and some info from the internet (nice to have, but I don't really need). But it doesn't show the folder icons, in fact it doesn't show folders at all, everything seems to be lumped into one big pile. I tried various profiles in the Synology DSM Media Server for the TVs.
      Can anyone recommend some media server that behaves like to old Windows Media Server? Seems Kodi isn't running on WebOS.
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