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USB HDD Problem



I have 50LB6300 running on webos. I need to know any step by step guide availabe to connect USB HDD to record program and ply movies stored on HD. I have tried  500 GB and 2 TB USB HD but TV is unable to detect it. One HD detected after keeping it connected to TV for 15/20 minuits. But normally TV is unable to detect hard disk. Any specific formate required for Webos ? Any one know any BUG of OS ? 




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Sorry I do not, I assumed it was specified in the owner's manual? Does the HDD run on a separate powersource or power from the UBS itself? Is it USB2/USB3? 


Maybe try a different USB cable? I have had hardware in the past that worked like a charm with 1 cable and very shaky with another...



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To use the Time Machine do the following steps:

1. Make sure that your HDD is formated in NTFS

2. Connect the HDD to the TV using USB1

3. Go to Time Machine tile

4. In settings, check the Live play feature and check the HDD you want to use. 

5. return to the TV channel and see if the grey bar that progressively turns pink appears. Also see if on the bottom right side you have a clock and an x signal. 


There you go. It should work now. I have an USB3 Seagate Go Flex HDD with 500GB capacity. 

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TV is saying no HDD is connected


Is it required to format HDD before using it for Time Machine ? 


Is it required to wipe out all the data before using it for TV ?

Problem can create a HDD with a very long cord or if it requires special drivers and startup programs.

Suffice it to disk is formatted as FAT32 or NTFS.

No need to remove other records from HDD. TV created in the root directory of the disk folder lg_dvr. Recording video format is MPEG 2 and is encrypted.

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13 hours ago, Manodragon said:

How can I check that? 

My UH6107 doesn't recognize a WD Passport 1TB or a 2.5" 500 GB in a Thermaltake Rack

Simply connect your HDD to computer. If it run any application (i.e. WD Unlocker) then disable it or remove it.
It may be possible that there is a virus in your HDD and it is running automatically while you are connecting to any device. So it is better that you scan it.

Some time it takes lots of time to detect. It is totally depending of number of files present in your HDD.
One more things to remember is that file system of the HDD must be NTFS

If this doesn't work than backup your data and format your HDD and try again without any data.

Hope this helps

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