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    Questions about the new WebOs TV

    q1 - yes it instantly records it and stops automatically at the end of it. q2 - i think this is dependent on which country and epg you are using. In the uk the freeview epg has 7 days on it and when you press series link it does record all of those in the series after the intial 7 days. it somehow does that without you doing anything. using my german feed which is via the dvb-s feed it is not so clever and doesn't allow for this - it is a lot more simple. Hopefully someone with local knowledge can help some more
  2. billigmeister

    USB HDD Problem

    I use a simple plug and play usb 3.0 drive. No problems thus far. I don't think you can use the drive connected to anything else cos it formats everything else i believe
  3. billigmeister

    Questions about the new WebOs TV

    I think you are right. Using antenna/freeview in the uk it has series record but using satellite/German feed it only allows repeat recordings. Sw is 03.23.24
  4. billigmeister

    Questions about the new WebOs TV

    Henrik Answers 1 - yes it says how many mb is left and the total amount 2 - buffer is 90 mins 3- it is the 2x 4x 8x 16x method 4- yes - there is a scheduled recordings section 5 - yes - you can deleted only certain episodes and not whole series It does seem to deal with clashes well when they arise on the scheduler and let you know a problem will happen giving you a choice how to deal with it. Just to let you know we have 2 different feeds and they have different time zones and it seems to deal with those different epgs and recordings well. It has a separate section for series recordings so they have a folder as such for each series
  5. billigmeister

    Questions about the new WebOs TV

    lots fo good q and a's on here i am not as techy savie as yourselves and don't play about with the file sharing stuff that you guys have and can't comment. The magic remote is decent though and when using you can simply press the centre/scroll button twice and it will pause what you are watching and easily then fast forward etc then on screen. the main remote is probably a bit better for using in this context but the magic remote is good still. I find the pointing at stuff a little bit easier and more natural. it is a very basic remote that is made for the onscreen interaction and does that pretty good. although it is strange that the colour buttons are on there and pretty much redundant and not used. btw mr north - the tile for recorded stuff is call "time machine" if connected to a hard drive. i use it to record from DVB-s and DVB-t sources and it does this adequately. For me it is really handy as it means i can record stuff from a different country/sat feed and have it all under one roof/remote so to speak. In the uk the dvb-t freeview epg does ok at recording things properly and does series link etc but the dvb-s is more old school and basic for recording I have a proper pvr plugged into it as well for more important things that i don't want to get messed up. but it has done a good job of not missing recordings so far