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  1. Hi there. I have a 43UH6107 4K Smart TV and wondering about a problem I ran over recently. It seems that the TV only supports .srt subtitles format. When I try to play a video file with PSG or SUP formats, the TV simply does not see the subtitle.
  2. Manodragon

    USB HDD Problem

    Finally, it worked. I simply formated (long format) my 500 GB HDD and then the TV saw it from the first try. Don't know why it couldn't see it in the past but I'm happy it works now. Thank for your reply
  3. Manodragon

    USB HDD Problem

    How can I check that? My UH6107 doesn't recognize a WD Passport 1TB or a 2.5" 500 GB in a Thermaltake Rack