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    USB HDD Problem

    Simply connect your HDD to computer. If it run any application (i.e. WD Unlocker) then disable it or remove it. It may be possible that there is a virus in your HDD and it is running automatically while you are connecting to any device. So it is better that you scan it. Some time it takes lots of time to detect. It is totally depending of number of files present in your HDD. One more things to remember is that file system of the HDD must be NTFS If this doesn't work than backup your data and format your HDD and try again without any data. Hope this helps
  2. There is no doubt in my mind that WebOs is faulty and so many people are facing problems regarding HDD either of detection problem or corruption problem. The read time is depended on how much files you have in your hard drive for example if you have 10,000 pictures total of 1GB size and one HDD with only one 1GB file than HDD contains pictures will take longer than HDD contains only single file. I don't know why but TV it is not working like PCs in HDD detection (I am not expert on this but I am telling you this by my personal experience) And yes you need some extra space to recover your files; a big problem in your case because if I am not wrong you might have more than 1.5TB of data from both HDD together
  3. I am using my WD 1TB HDD without any problem. My TV model is LB6700. I am from India. WebOS version is different for different-different areas. I don't know what is the problem but you might get your data back. You mentioned that your HDD showing size correctly but files are missing; it is possible that your files are hidden (Also check show system files while viewing hidden files). If that is not the case than you can use some good recovery tool i.e. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Getdata Recover My Files. It is still possible that you might lost some files even after using recovery tool. If that also don't work than try to contact Toshiba/WD customer care and ask them if they provide any facility for recovering data. They sure can get your data because they can go to very lower level of your drive.
  4. Pranav

    View TV is Mobile or Computer

    Hi SenseHack, Yes I am an Indian and nice to meet you too. It is possbile to mirror your tv in smart phone using LG app. Check this out. This guy has LG Smart TV and he is viewing TV in his smart phone using NFC TagOn app even you can find LG official video for this too but the problem is it is not a WebOS. Currently TagOn App is in progress for WebOS TVs so I am wondering that is there any other way to view TV in smart phone or PC? Hope you can understand my problem now.
  5. Hi Komail, Your TV should detect your HDD as it supports upto 2TB(NTFS). You should check it with another HDD. If your friend have one then try it. Also if any of your friend or neighbor have Smart TV then try connect your HDD on that TV. If still this problem persist then you must format your HDD.
  6. Hi Komail. A program called WD Security is used to create/remove password from WD HDDs. I don't have any idea about seagate. When you connect your WD HDD what happens? Means it runs WD Unlocker first or any other program or it opens explorer directly.
  7. Hi All, I have 42LB6700 model. I have seen 2nd display feature in normal smart TV of LG in which you can see TV in your smart phone using LG app. How to do it in WebOS I can't able to find any thing about it. Even I googled a lot but no success. Is it possible to view TV content in PC?
  8. Pranav

    USB HDD Problem

    Hi All, If your HDD's format is NTFS than no need to format. I had the issue with my 1tb WD My Passport and the issue was it is password protected. Also check that your HDD should not auto run any application(.exe) while connecting, if it is then it will not be detected by TV
  9. Hi, prabul I am from India and I have 42LB6700 Model. I have the same problem with my WD My Passport HDD and the issue was it was password protected. I just removed password and it is working fine now. No need to format. Hope this helps.