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Bluetooth A2DP support,


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No, you can't use USB bluetooth dongle (I tried, went through 3 pieces, all the 'unknown device is connected').

TV already have bluetooth module, but webos doesn't want to see not LG devices, only 'lg tone' bluetooth headset and lg bluetooth soundbar. I'm sure - it's only software limit, perhaps especially...


I think, if you write about 'bluetooth support' in tv device - you MUST support A2DP, otherwise what's the point in bluetooth in TV???  :huh:


+1 for A2DP in WebOS WishList - I think it is the most desired feature that can be very easy to implement! (i am programmer)

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I also have had to buy a headset lg 730, because I have other bluetooth headsets with same features but are not detected by the tv lg, do it on purpose to earn more I think, but the thing that makes me angry is that you buy the bluetooth headset to listen without disturbing especially at night.
However if by chance you lift the signal goes off or the battery is discharged the TV automatically switches to the internal speakers, causing considerable disturbance.
This is not acceptable.
because the volume of the headset bluetooth and the same as adjusting the internal speakers. Note that instead of the volume of the 'normal audio headphone output has the separate volumes compared to those of the' internal speaker.

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I like to help and make this wish stronger.


I hope the WebOS TVs (e.g. UB850T) will support not only LG proprietary Bluetooth sound bar / headset,

It must also supports all 3rd parties A2DP Bluetooth headset (e.g. LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Jabra, Plantronics, etc. just to name a few).


It must allows TV users to discover (search), pair and stream the audio from TV (SRC) to headset (SNK).



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Yeah, only work with LG Bluetooth headphones is a problem.  The LG headphone is so bad on power indicator.  When you turn on, it tells you either "power high" or "power medium".  There is no "power low".  But then just when it's about to run out, it tells you "power is VERY low.  charge now".  You can't charge and use it that the same time.  How about tell more useful power usage, like "power 40% full" and say it when you power off, so that I can charge it while not being used.


For the TV, I agree with all the users above.  I need to support standard 3rd party headphone.  I previously owned a few bluetooth headphones but I had to purchased a stupid LG headphones in order to use it.

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Hello everyone. I would like to join and support this wishlist feature:

All WebOS TVs should support not only LG proprietary Bluetooth sound bar / headset, but also all 3rd parties A2DP Bluetooth headsets. I have a LG 49UB850v and it's a real shame on LG to try and make money on their own LG sound bars or bluetooth headsets.

We should all write to LG after sales support and ask them to include this feature in the next software update for our TVs. Does someone know which could be the most suitable LG service to send the our request?

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