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  1. Le freak I do not understand your question. Can you clarify?
  2. Hi Lookout98 Yes these can be removed. Go to the app instead of pressing to select the app, hold the button down for a few seconds. A small x will then appear above the app. Hit this and it will be deleted. App can be reinstalled at a future time from the LG content store.
  3. It should be in settings and about this TV. If it is a smart Tv, it will also tell you current and available storage when downloading an app
  4. I didn't this update and had no issues other than the volume graphic change as mentioned
  5. Hi does your Tv have YouTube and if so can you play 4k content using the app?
  6. I would like to do the same but not been able to find an answer to this as yet. Smart TVs really aren't smart enough
  7. Hi I have a webos 3 tv. Magic remote is amazing and solves both issues you have.
  8. Hi all I received the software update that gives me freeview play on my TV. Anyone else have this? Would be good to get other users opinions on the interface
  9. Hi, I received a software update today. My software has changed from 03.10.17 to 03.15.04. WebOS 3.0 version has changed from 3.1.1-108 (dreadlocks-denali) to 3.1.2-113 (dreadlocks-denali) Any ideas what changes this brings as I don't see anything of note?
  10. Latest news on WebOS 3.0 LG has confirmed that Freeview Play will be included with the new iteration of its webOS smart TV operating system, webOS 3.0. It means ITV Hub and All 4 catch-up services will be available through LG’s smart TV platform for the first time. The services will be accessible alongside BBC iPlayer and Demand 5. Video-on-demand services including Netflix, Amazon Video, Now TV and Google Play will also all be available through the platform. Freeview Play will also allow users to scroll backwards and forward by seven days to catch-up on missed programmes, or set reco
  11. I have answered my own question. For those that are interested... Go to "about this TV" in the general menu. The software version will be shown (in my case it is 03.10.17) I then selected sub menu TV information received further details including model number, serial number, available storage, MAC address, webOS TV Version It seems my webOS is 3.1.1-108 (dreadlocks-denali)
  12. Hi All Is there a way to tell what version of WebOS is on my TV? Is it linked to the software version?
  13. Hi Did you try the below? Registering the Magic Remote ControlYou must register the Magic Remote Control on your Smart TV when you use it for the first time. To register your Magic Remote Control using the Wheel (OK)button, perform the following steps: Turn on your Smart TV. Wait for 10 seconds while your Smart TV turns on. Aim the Magic Remote Control at the Smart TV, and then press the Wheel (OK)button. A message appears after the Magic Remote Control is registered. If the Magic Remote Control does not register, turn your Smart TV off and on again and repeat the registratio
  14. Hi Does this work on the 55UH950V? I believe my previous software version is 03.10.10

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