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  1. Hopefully if you have a single satellite or you have multiple satellites with diesqc , but if you have a motorized if you fails a channel him the ' SO It puts you in another channel list and if it is of another satellite here is that the motor begins to turn , example : channels 1,2,3 have satellite Hotbird , if there is no channel 2 maybe he puts on a second channel of Hispasat , casino engine begins to turn , if you walk from channel 1 to channel 3 with button up he does hotbird , Hispasat , Hotbird , I know? This must not happen , that your observation has already been made , and I have already answered , maybe I can not explain well why not chew well the ' English , and translated using google , but ask you to carefully read all the posts before writing the same things , otherwise we keep saying the same things .
  2. the data provided in the manual must be necessarily true , otherwise incur the crime of fraud against purchasers . so always read the details of their TV to know com ' is done, what has and what has not in hardware . for example the series " U " of 2014 is different from the LB series , and the series LB c ' is a TV that has the processor 14+ others have the processor 14 only . N.B. specifications I posed was generated from the 2014/2015 roughly identical to the same end
  3. I'm sorry to correct you Simon , mi spiace correggerti Simon, serie lb ram 1° livello = ddr3 speed 1600 , 512 x 16 = 1 byte = 8 bit quindi 512 x 16 bit = 1024 byte. "" "" 2° "" "" "" "" 256 x 16 = "" "" 256 x16 "" = 512 byte. serie lf es 42 lf 652 ddr3 1° livello ( ram A )=bit 512x16 = 1024 byte "" "" "" 2° livello ( ram B )=bit 512x16 = 1024byte. questo è 42LF652 come si vede this is how you see 42LF652 these diagrams are drawn by its manual so original .
  4. dear engineer , maybe I just do not know how to explain well, or the translator , " " transferred making trouble " I repeat , I have a motorized satellite dish , cover you all sat from 30 ° West to 68 ° East , a myriad of channels , what is the lament ' automatism stupid lg that if you're scrolling through the channels on a satellite , and one of they are not present , ( could be due to bad weather , the stupid lg that does not allow me to exclude the ' automatism , I remove the channel list and puts an ' other channel , maybe a ' anoter sat , I know what I mean ? the excellent quality of the ' hardware I'm the first to say that is priceless , I have a samsung home , and these messes I did not make them .
  5. even if you get your setting in your favorites, if by chance , the channel on which you position at that time is not reached , the automation of this lousy tv eliminate it , putting at will another channel , the fact that digital terrestrial problem is negligible , but the satellites if you have an engine happens chaos , because maybe they 'll put a channel of another satellite , or you mix the same channels of other satellites , such as that on both hotbird astra1 there are several channels repeated , present on both satellites , the result is that the engine passing from one channel to ' another , jumping from one satellite to' another , and this also on favorites .
  6. But you're right every time you turn on the TV then you clash with these problems , and then they get angry !!
  7. This confirms exactly what I 'm saying has always put a body on a machine that weighs much more than its engine has the strength to move . They miscalculated assessment of ' commitment to process all this , then they are also stupid because they continue to have to do everything automatically . just put a menu choice for the automation functions , like, EPG , channel list ibn reception etc. , etc. , if they did it would alleviate the poor processor and its dynamic ram , for example, if I do not want the channel list could exclude , does not leave us no choice , for example , I bought a TV , because I also tune the radio ? if I do not want them , he tunes too , just give me a chance to ignore them , but not to exclude them from the line saving memory , indexes , etc. , etc . I say this because to do all these automatic , when perhaps at that time I do not need ? give me a chance to turn on or off the function at will , then I would be aware that if you ask an automatic at that time I have to wait for those moments processor esegua.ma them eg I have to change platform from terrestrial TV to satellite TV on TV makes me wait a minute because it must update 5000 channels it is really unbearable . the hardware version 2015 what the ' have partly solved by putting the processor series " + " faster and doubling the ram dynamic second level from 256 to 512 Mb who do not care about us is that in the observations suggest also to lighten the automatic functions with the choices , but we just ignore , do not care about their customers , it is a real shame because the ' hardware is really great, them bit less . not to mention the internet , which is useless , just say that you connect , but then if you actually want to use , a lot of things you are denied and his speed makes us go back 20 years , but not ashamed !. I am not referring to the connection to the network but the connection internet.http . what is the use if we implement it in effect is unusable ?
  8. in all this , it is important to create a good kernel , and size the dinamic ram wisely , preferably with a good margin of emergency space .
  9. gulfstream2000: I am sorry to contradict you , but if you're so convinced , see the ' image below
  10. ws2 lucky you , obviously you do almost anything with the PC , and uses only the rec and digital terrestrial TV . try to put a satellite maybe motorized and then tell me what you think a bit , especially if you have lost days to make a setting of the satellite and then thanks to the automation you are all channels mixed or worse satellites mixed channels zapping . I complained about it with lg area , just now a technician contacted me , I was also he confirmed it , but says it has submitted a long time my complaints , but it all depends korea , in their area they can do nothing , their reported complaints mine and others . because all the faults I complained in the various posts are all 'now appear in the new update .
  11. the real reason is that they thought all ' appearance on TV sets in 2015 rather than eliminate all defects that constantly complain . slowdowns are because the TV does it all automatically , tune and channel list , ( updates ) , EPG and more. Of course so poor processor has a commitment not , then cause indifferent use slowdowns indescribable , memory errors , and so on and so forth . That those genes can not think of putting programming functions enable/ disable so you can use the TV as a TV and when you want advanced functions are enabled only the required ones , then you can solve any problem .so that you have activated the ' automatism that at that time you need them , and not all atomatismi that overload the TV . as it is now with all the automation enabled by default problems will always arise . mix_problem_misture the type of satellite channels , etc. , etc. , etc. ,type , update channel yes / no, EPG yes / no, etc. etc. .so that the ' user has the basic functions and immediate if the app wants advanced knows he has to wait a moment to become active, many problems arise because the TV when the enable all the functions of inspection and updates automatically , as these functions can not be disabled . are their genes , congratulations to them . They think only of aesthetic finishes but do not solve the real problems plaguing this platform
  12. but you expect , put it in automatic updating these days , if lg keeps his word will update all itv series lb webos .
  13. from a manual page lists the block diagram , there are all the information you need. right to information : in the 2015 version of the processor IC 101 is not more but m14 and m14 + ram ( b ) the second level , is 512mb Ram is ddr3 "a" and " b " versione lb 2014, 512x16 = 1024MB= 1GB 256X16 = 512MB versione lb 2015 memory "A" 512x16 = 1GB, memory "B" 512x16 = 1GB this is versione 2014: if you look at the two images of a board is the 42lf652 , the ' other is of ' 42lb650 you will notice that they are identical , confirming that they have just replaced the ' m14 and the ram " B " diagram LB650 Mainboard LB650 mainboard LF652 these diagrams are drawn by its manual so original .

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