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  1. Hopefully if you have a single satellite or you have multiple satellites with diesqc , but if you have a motorized if you fails a channel him the ' SO It puts you in another channel list and if it is of another satellite here is that the motor begins to turn , example : channels 1,2,3 have satellite Hotbird , if there is no channel 2 maybe he puts on a second channel of Hispasat , casino engine begins to turn , if you walk from channel 1 to channel 3 with button up he does hotbird , Hispasat , Hotbird , I know? This must not happen , that your observation has already been made , and I have al
  2. the data provided in the manual must be necessarily true , otherwise incur the crime of fraud against purchasers . so always read the details of their TV to know com ' is done, what has and what has not in hardware . for example the series " U " of 2014 is different from the LB series , and the series LB c ' is a TV that has the processor 14+ others have the processor 14 only . N.B. specifications I posed was generated from the 2014/2015 roughly identical to the same end
  3. I'm sorry to correct you Simon , mi spiace correggerti Simon, serie lb ram 1° livello = ddr3 speed 1600 , 512 x 16 = 1 byte = 8 bit quindi 512 x 16 bit = 1024 byte. "" "" 2° "" "" "" "" 256 x 16 = "" "" 256 x16 "" = 512 byte. serie lf es 42 lf 652 ddr3 1° livello ( ram A )=bit 512x16 = 1024 byte "" "" "" 2° livello ( ram B )=bit 512x16 = 1024byte. questo è 42LF652 come si vede this is how you see 42LF652 these diagrams are drawn by its manual so original .
  4. dear engineer , maybe I just do not know how to explain well, or the translator , " " transferred making trouble " I repeat , I have a motorized satellite dish , cover you all sat from 30 ° West to 68 ° East , a myriad of channels , what is the lament ' automatism stupid lg that if you're scrolling through the channels on a satellite , and one of they are not present , ( could be due to bad weather , the stupid lg that does not allow me to exclude the ' automatism , I remove the channel list and puts an ' other channel , maybe a ' anoter sat , I know what I mean ? the excellent quality of the
  5. even if you get your setting in your favorites, if by chance , the channel on which you position at that time is not reached , the automation of this lousy tv eliminate it , putting at will another channel , the fact that digital terrestrial problem is negligible , but the satellites if you have an engine happens chaos , because maybe they 'll put a channel of another satellite , or you mix the same channels of other satellites , such as that on both hotbird astra1 there are several channels repeated , present on both satellites , the result is that the engine passing from one channel to ' ano
  6. But you're right every time you turn on the TV then you clash with these problems , and then they get angry !!
  7. This confirms exactly what I 'm saying has always put a body on a machine that weighs much more than its engine has the strength to move . They miscalculated assessment of ' commitment to process all this , then they are also stupid because they continue to have to do everything automatically . just put a menu choice for the automation functions , like, EPG , channel list ibn reception etc. , etc. , if they did it would alleviate the poor processor and its dynamic ram , for example, if I do not want the channel list could exclude , does not leave us no choice , for example , I bought a TV , be
  8. in all this , it is important to create a good kernel , and size the dinamic ram wisely , preferably with a good margin of emergency space .
  9. gulfstream2000: I am sorry to contradict you , but if you're so convinced , see the ' image below
  10. ws2 lucky you , obviously you do almost anything with the PC , and uses only the rec and digital terrestrial TV . try to put a satellite maybe motorized and then tell me what you think a bit , especially if you have lost days to make a setting of the satellite and then thanks to the automation you are all channels mixed or worse satellites mixed channels zapping . I complained about it with lg area , just now a technician contacted me , I was also he confirmed it , but says it has submitted a long time my complaints , but it all depends korea , in their area they can do nothing , their rep
  11. the real reason is that they thought all ' appearance on TV sets in 2015 rather than eliminate all defects that constantly complain . slowdowns are because the TV does it all automatically , tune and channel list , ( updates ) , EPG and more. Of course so poor processor has a commitment not , then cause indifferent use slowdowns indescribable , memory errors , and so on and so forth . That those genes can not think of putting programming functions enable/ disable so you can use the TV as a TV and when you want advanced functions are enabled only the required ones , then you can solve any prob
  12. but you expect , put it in automatic updating these days , if lg keeps his word will update all itv series lb webos .
  13. from a manual page lists the block diagram , there are all the information you need. right to information : in the 2015 version of the processor IC 101 is not more but m14 and m14 + ram ( b ) the second level , is 512mb Ram is ddr3 "a" and " b " versione lb 2014, 512x16 = 1024MB= 1GB 256X16 = 512MB versione lb 2015 memory "A" 512x16 = 1GB, memory "B" 512x16 = 1GB this is versione 2014: if you look at the two images of a board is the 42lf652 , the ' other is of ' 42lb650 you will notice that they are identical , confirming that they have just replaced the ' m14 and the ra

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