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  1. I was excited to know LG TV support Bluetooth wireless because that's something I want for bedroom TV. Then I disappointed to find out it only works with LG headphones. ARC is another thing, only works with LG speaker. I will never buy another LG TV.
  2. I give up buying LG and switch to TCL TV because of Roku. If WebOS has as many apps as Roku and they keep maintain older version of WebOS then I would go back to LG. TV isn't something people replace every other year like smart phones. So, it's important for LG to keep WebOS 1 with firmware updates and adding new app to it. LG smart phones isn't that successful with Android, what makes you think it can be successful with an OS that already failed twice with two different owners. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. YouTube TV shows support LG smart TVs (2016 & 2017). So older TV's are out of luck. Looks like Roku TV has the best support. It has virtually all the apps.
  4. Any chance they will add YouTube TV app to WebOS 1? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. It only work with LG bluetooth headphones 😞😞
  6. @Benioff Any chance GS will be playing at #SalesforceArena ?

  7. RT @SouthForsythHS: Our students learned a lot from the FCSO prom presentation, they are road ready @ldubillson @FCSchoolsGA https://t.co/m…

  8. @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere visited Crabtree Valley Mall today. One end has weak LTE. The rest are HSPA+. 😞😟

  9. @KoreanAir_KE that explains the turbulence 😁

  10. @wsbtv Not try to take side here but many viewer like myself will use other local station for news and you will lose us for good.

  11. 3D content providers are dying. Only thing left is from Blue-ray.
  12. try do delete the app and install in again.
  13. You can buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick. It has the HBO app. P.S. One more option is to play HBO Go on your Android device then Chromecast to your TV.
  14. I'm not sure why you have such problem. In general, if you streaming, it's best to use wire. WiFi may have enough bandwidth but it bandwidth is not a constant bandwidth. Wireless is VERY sensitive to inference of things surrounding. Even when someone walk by may be effective. It may not happen often depend on your environment but you don't want your show to stop and buffer at the climate moment. I used to have the opposite problem. I have Comcast and they do have data cap. 4K use a lot more data than HD but I can't find a way to downgrade 4K show to HD. But now Comcast allow me to pay extra to get unlimited plan.
  15. I try to attach a picture to show you here but it doesn't let me... I don't use NAS. I use Serviio running on my PC. The software is free and I already have a PC. It's much cheaper than go by a NAS. You can easily add more hard drive to PC if needed where NAS is only limited to the space. You don't need a powerful PC neither. Setting up is very straight forward. You just add the folders where your media files are. From the TV, under SmartShare, Device, you will see Serviio and drill down to your contents...
  16. Is it connect to the Internet? You can't do anything if it's not connected to the Internet.
  17. You would only use the coax in the TV if you're getting over the air on an antenna. Since you're using Comcast cable, HDMI will be your choice for watching TV. My TV comes with the Magic Remote and it works with cable box. Or, you can program the cable box remote to work with your TV. Ultimately, Harmony remote is the best. I don't use keyboard but I'm pretty sure it can't connect to your TV's bluetooth. The TV bluetooth would ONLY work with LG headphones. If your keyboard have an USB dongle then that may work.
  18. WebOS is suck. I think their good developers have left the company. Not sure how other SmarTV but Visio is worse. My FireTV Stick has more apps.
  19. what format are 4K videos in, mkv? I try to get some so I can test for you.
  20. I run Serviio DLNA on my PC and my UB8500 can stream 3D just fine. The 3D files I have are mkv SBS format. P.S. I only have 1080p files. I don't have any UHD to try it yet.
  21. Why do you want to upgrade? There are so many people applied the upgrade and have issue with it. There is a thread on how to downgrade. If you don't have any problem with your current firmware, I suggest that you don't do the upgrade. But, if you have to, it should be under Settings -> General -> About This TV -> Check for updates.
  22. For whatever reason, "Transformers: Age of Extinction" doesn't show up as UHD for me but I found the show "Transparent" on UHD. It plays fine on my TV. No sound issue and the picture is very good.
  23. Flash is dying. Big company such Google are dropping Flash. LG and other new TV's are also cutting support for Flash. If you must, you have to play from laptop and output to TV.
  24. I tried to play Transformers: Age of Extinction but it only shows in 1080p on my LG UB8500. How do you find 4K in Amazon? It's easy on Netflix but not so on Amazon.
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