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Bluetooth constantly drops out



55UJ651V After a few minutes, the Bluetooth clicks and disconnects. Sometimes it then re-starts the tv into the on mode, with nothing selected. It will not find the bluetooth device again. Unless, I try a different Blutooth device and then it does the same thing all over again. Is there any answer to this - or does the module need replacing. There seems to be a lot of discussion online regarding Bluetooth issues with LG. I have hearing issues and must use headphones! This is impossible!

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I don't have an answer for you situation. However I have be using my Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones now for about 5 years with my LG TV and have not had any problems. 

Maybe try some other bluetooth device ie. ear buds or other headphones and see if the same thing happens...

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Thanks for your comment/reply. Yes, naturally I verified that it is not my Anker headphones. To be honest, it would be a lot easier if it were. At least I could get some CS. It does exactly the same with my My MI Earbuds. I have turned off every other Blutooth device. All to no avail. I get no replies from LG Spain! I'd even buy a new BT module and replace it myself. But they don't answer that either!

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After having this exact issue, I researched Reddit and found the solution. It was simply disconnecting and reconnecting the Arc connection which was confusing the Bluetooth connection.  I then remembered previously showing my brother what the unplugged Optical (Arc) sound cable connection looked like when powered, which is like a red laser, that was connected to my sound bar and that's when i probably confused the bluetooth connection after plugging it back in.

So I then tried unplugging the optical sound cable and plugging it back in, and so far the problem is solved. I haven't tested HDMI Arc connections because I don't use that connection anymore and therefore haven't tested it. 

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