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  1. Hi! After doing what you did you have to turn off the tv and turn it on again for change to be executed i think. Have you done that ? Did you unplug hdmi and network cable ? And have you try this method : Me I added in the harmony elite remote, the "services menu" ,the "in_start" and the "instop" options I think you could do the same
  2. Hi! Did anybody with that problem restarted their internet operator's router after updating the Tv ? Or when the network message pop up ? I ask this by curiosity Thanks
  3. Hi! I want to know if you have set your tv in family mode ? You hit settings on your remote -> advanced -> general -> home(family) / store mode, then select home(family) mode. Then set or reset your tv if needed. Or you can do what is say in this video it might work: If your remote control is not working Then you should try the "instop" option or button in the "sure universal remote" app that you can find on the Google playstore in an Android smartphone. Once the sure app is pair to the tv -> hit the checkered square -> scroll down to the bottom and hit the "instop" option
  4. Hi! I think you should try setting the tv region code to another region, restart for the change to be executed, do a factory reset after this, once you finish set properly the tv to try it and see if you still get app crashes or low memory alert. By doing all this i think the tv is forced to set default apps from the region code that you chose and delete what I believe is in memory and properly set new one. If everything works fine, you could keep it that way or you can get it back to your region code, restart the tv, and go again through a factory reset. And set properly your TV. You can ch
  5. Hi! I believe that about this pairing process with the web os tv, there is a similar pairing code both on the tv and the magic remote, whenever you turn the tv of or unplug it or plug and turning it on the code is still the same has the one in the magic remote, when you unplug the web os tv has I said the code remains the same, but when you unpaired the magic remote the pairing code in the magic remote is reset so it change, while the code in the web os tv remains the same, then when you plug it back and turn it on the tv and use the magic remote, it send a signal or command to the tv and the
  6. Hello! What is the exact TV model ? Check at the back of the TV and tell me please ? And how did you get the update you've installed on that TV ? Answers correctly to those simple question. Thanks Envoyé de mon SM-N960F en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Hi! Check the link i provided in that second reply and do has it say to change your tv region code.
  8. Hi! You should not be disappointed from LG, but could you please tell me where did you get that remote for your 55UH6500 ? After looking around i found that this Magic remote was not meant for This Tv line up. The one you need is The Magic Remote AN-MR650 you can find it on Amazon or maybe some retailers, you have to check the availability for your country. Here some link for you to check : N°1) your Tv Compatible Magic Remote: https://www.lg.com/be_fr/accessoires-tv/lg-AN-MR650#pdp_where N°2) This one seems to be Universel has it is for all LG TV with Web OS 3.5 : https
  9. But if nothing work here is a link so you migth try again using this method : https://smart-tv-control.ru/en/lg-smarttv-change-region/ Do has explain and you might succeed. For your country check code for region AJ Good luck
  10. Hi! Did you try to go to general setting-> location -> LG Services Country -> uncheck the "Set automatically " -> country -> pick your desired" country" -> India -> hit" yes"to confirm then agree to the user agreement to proceed to the change then restart when asked. Try , and give me a feedback on what happened.
  11. Hi! Again I do think after reflexion that you should firstly factory reset your Tv (if something has gone wrong in the update doing this might fixe it), use a Tv remote app on your smartphone pairs to your tv, one from lg or the "sure app" or whatever you find to access to "all settings" -> general setting" scroll down to "factory reset" if you had set a password then input it when asked if don't. Hit "yes" to confirm the "factory reset" when asked. And lets the tv do his job then restart and set your tv like your first time, reset your magic remote, remove the old battery and let the remo
  12. Hi! You can use the "sure app" if you are on Android and once downloaded to your smartphone activate the location option on your smartphone and connect it to the home network where the CX tv is connected, open the "sure app" and hit add new device, select TV, select LG, then pairs with the CX by inputting in the "sure app" the code that appears on TV and confirm. Restart the process of unzipping the software update file.zip, go to the unzipped folder, copy the only file in that folder with the " .bin" extension, past it in a folder name LG_DTV that you have created in the root of your usb
  13. Hi! I'd like to know something did you plug the USB drive with the LG_DTV folder containing the software file on the CX usb port ? And what did you see ? What happened ? And did you use the smartify lg tv remote at that time ? And did you click on the apps button inside the smartify lg tv remote, scroll down and see if there is a "software update" option ? And if there is just hit the button ! But they migth have removed it, but it migth be also that the option appears only when the tv detect a firmware ? Did you use an Android phone or an Apple ios Iphone ? Simple c
  14. Get your CX 48 TV firmware from this link: https://www.lg.com/uk/support/software-firmware just change the /uk/ in the link to your country initials by exemple /es/ for spain or /fr/ for france once there set your exact model number like by exemple this one from uk is OLED48CX5LC or the 2nd is OLED48CX6LB, yours is different so check your model number at the back of your tv Then scroll down to software section and get the only firmware that should be available depending on your country, in uk its Software_File(Version_03.21.18).zip Download the one for your country tv if
  15. Hi! I suggest you get the first released firmware with the CX 48, if you can't find it get the 2nd one, and format the usb stick to NTFS or if you did that and it did not work try fat32 format has the engineering firmware migth use that format who knows give it a try and do your downgrade, and if for some reason it still not working try to use a smartphone has a usb stick because it got a battery on his own and because of your engineering firmware that could mess up the power of the usb port, just dropped your LG_DTV folder to internal storage, and plug in the usb port of the tv with the data

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