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  1. Good for you, if you have some improvement thats great. I did an update for the OS a little while ago ( 3.9.0-62905 dreadlocks2-dudhwa ) and i did another check ant further update just now, but there was not new update. Nothing has changed for my TV. I still have the same options for web browsers and no option to change from either Chrome, Bing or some other rubbish. The version of Chrome that i have is just the same as before, nothing has changed with that. The only thing that i noticed that changed with the last update, was that LG downloaded three totally useless apps that i can not even install.... unless i delete other things first. Thing is that i dont have anything else installed so i cant even install the apps anyway.
  2. Haha the LG app store is a joke. They have about 6 apps that dont even work. Or the apps are sub standard, cut down versions of sub standard cut down versions of really shit apps from the 1930's. Get an Android TV box, download something like Kodi and bypass the LG brick.
  3. No i am really sorry to say that i never got a fix for the "App will now close" issue. Too be honest i kind of gave up on this TV. When i bought the TV it was a very big investment and i was really excited to get this kind of "Smart" TV. But the problems are just too many and just too constant and the support is just too non existent. I did notice that one of the biggest offenders was YouTube through the browser. Since LG scrapped their support for watching anything at all outside of their paid for app, its now impossible to use YouTube without using the app, i dont seem to get so many close downs as i did before. But i was getting a close down on average within the hour, now i might get a few hours of viewing (only through the app). I ended up getting an Android TV box to bypass the TV. I can watch pretty much anything i want and download pretty much any app i want, not just the rubbish pay to view apps that LG have baked into their OS. I really wish that i had just got a normal large screen TV and an Android box in the first place, it works a lot better and it would have been a lot cheaper.
  4. Yes i agree with you 100%. LG are even planning to put their OS into Smart driverless cars....... Can you imagine that....... Every 30 minutes "This car needs to stop to refresh the memory" .
  5. I watch my TV through an Android TV box. Its the only way too actually get it to work and not close down. As far as i am concerned the "Smart TV" i paid a lot of money for is not fit for purpose and i do not regard it as a "Smart TV" at all. It just a big monitor and nothing else.
  6. Hi Charline, i am honestly really happy that you got a good result from the method that mentioned. I actually did try that, i always close down apps that i opened, because they do still run in the back round. But this did not solve anything for me, i still got the error message regardless. I also deleted every single app that came pre installed, or that i personally installed. I even (out of desperation) turned off every single setting that i did not need or that i thought might be using the extremely small amount of internal memory, i did all the things that other people have mentioned, like closing the TV and waiting, then turn it back on too clear the cache, or turning the TV off by just pulling the electric plug out of the wall, still got the error message and the close down. The strange thing is that either you are correct and your method works, so that's all people need to do to fix this problem, or everyone else who has tried that method and many other methods all have faulty TV's and LG have sold a load of broken TV's and don't want to admit that they have done that. Even i quick search for answers to this problem, shows how much LG dont care about this issue and how much they try to blame everything else apart from their TV's https://internet-access-guide.com/lg-smart-tv-slow-internet/ Not ne mention of their products being behind this problem, always the IP provider, the internet speed, data cap and neighbors. This is all nonsense. Personally i think that this is intentional on LG's part, they use sub standard processors and cheap internal hardware parts. They could quite easily upgrade the internal components, install more memory, maybe even include a way to use an external hard drive as a internal storage. and maybe a faster CPU/GPU
  7. I agree with you that the internal storage is disgraceful. Mine is about the same as you quoted about 1/2 gig is nothing. Thats either total greed or total incomitance by LG. They have a contract with the companies whose apps they push you to use, so i would say that this is intentional. This is partly where the problem lies, the internal components are pretty substandard hardware and that memory cache fills up very quickly. I actually tried to change the region for my TV, but i seem to remember that i had a problem with my IP provider and the LAN connection for the TV, i will have another look at that. I have never had any advice from anyone that i have talked to about this TV and its many problems, i have a lot of other problems with my LG TV, not just this problem. LG have never even answered a single email or support message that i have sent to them and i have sent a few. This company is seriously one of the worst i have ever encountered.
  8. Yes its crazy that we have to trawl the internet looking for hacks to get our expensive TV to actually work to an acceptable standard. I actually tried that method and i got the same result that i got from just turning the TV off normally. I dont seem to get the "This app needs to close" problem as much if i am just looking at normal content through the browser. It closes pretty quickly if i am streaming content, or watching YouTube for a while, even the YouTube app is not exempt from this. I ended up getting an Adroid TV box to get around this problem. But this just makes me hate myself for not just getting an Android TV in the first place.
  9. Sorry that you also have this problem. Actually this is not a random issue that only affects certain % of people. This problem is something that affects every single LG TV owner, its baked into their products and its a hardware issue. The real problem is the miniscule onboard memory that LG have in their "Smart TV's" they seem to think that 500 megabytes is enough to run a "Smart TV" and their OS, plus some pretty demanding Apps, that's laughable. Also the other hardware that they use is sub standard and extremely basic, so no amount of refreshing the apps or deleting the memory cache is going to fix hardware issues. LG recommends that you close the TV down and this clears the internal memory and clears the cache, leave the TV off for 10 minutes. Again this is clearly nonsense and is insulting. The fact is that the only real solution to this problem is to not buy LG TV's in the first place.
  10. I posted about this problem about two years ago. This problem is never going to be fixed. LG dont have a fix for this problem because its a hardware issue, its baked into their system. The onboard memory is only half a Gig and this fills up very fast, the hardware is rubbish also, so its no good for read and write ahead while watching anything online. Ignore all the hacks and supposed fixes that LG and other users talk about, its a total waste of time and will last at the most a few days, before you get the problem back. I wish that i had not listened to those liars in the LG store where i bought this expensive brick. They all gave me the BS about being able to stream this and stream that. I wish that i had bought that Android TV that i really wanted to buy. They dont have this problem, because they have 16 gigs of onboard memory, not 500 megabytes. If you really can not get a refund for this TV, buy an Android TV box and that will at least allow you to install some decent apps and watch what you want without LG systematically closing down your TV because you want to watch something that they can not monetarise. Thats the real reason why your TV is closing down, because LG dont want you watching anything without paying through their pay for view apps.
  11. If you can, take the TV back to the store that you bought it from and get a refund. LG TV's are not fit for purpose. This problem is intentional and they dont care if you can not use your TV. Believe me, this has been going on for a long time and they are never going to fix this problem.
  12. Good to hear that you got a good result. If you are talking about unplugging the TV from the wall socket, i can not possibly see how that can change anything. If you are talking about turning off the TV to clear the cache, i have tried Closing down the TV because it is one of the many work arounds that i have heard other people mention. This is also something that LG say that you need to do to clear the cache. But the real problem is the amount of onboard memory, its tiny.
  13. Really sorry to hear about that, especially when it was a Christmas gift. Honestly you are doing the right thing, i was really unlucky when i bought my LG brick. I had a problem with the shop that i bought it from and they would not refund, so if you can get your money back, you should do that and buy an Android TV instead.
  14. I totally agree with you, these products are not fit for purpose. Its amazing how these companies get away with selling a product that only does about 20% of what they claim the product can do. I am old enough to remember when you bought a product, you actually got what you paid for, no BS and no controlled obsolescence. How is controlled obsolescence even allowed? That's consumerism for you. I purchased my TV through a shop that claimed that they were LG dealers. They really hyped this TV up and i asked them several times about its streaming abilities "can it stream movies, can it stream through paid subscription apps, what about YouTube ?" Every one of these LG dealers swore that this TV can do that and a lot more..... Basically they are either all stupid idiots who don't know a thing about their products, or they are a bunch of liars , who get paid by LG to scam their customers.
  15. I have tried to use a USB stick as an external memory for my "Smart" TV. No luck at all with that, this "Smart" TV is not smart enough to do that. I dont see any option to swap partition either, so thats also out of the question. Upgrading the memory by installing another Ramdisk is also something that is far beyond what LG "Smart" TV's can do (My $200 mobile phone is better and faster than my $2,000 TV). The only solution i have found is to add an external TV (Android) box and bypass the disgracefully inept LG TV.
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