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  1. Sorry that you also have this problem. Actually this is not a random issue that only affects certain % of people. This problem is something that affects every single LG TV owner, its baked into their products and its a hardware issue. The real problem is the miniscule onboard memory that LG have in their "Smart TV's" they seem to think that 500 megabytes is enough to run a "Smart TV" and their OS, plus some pretty demanding Apps, that's laughable. Also the other hardware that they use is sub standard and extremely basic, so no amount of refreshing the apps or deleting the memory cache is
  2. I posted about this problem about two years ago. This problem is never going to be fixed. LG dont have a fix for this problem because its a hardware issue, its baked into their system. The onboard memory is only half a Gig and this fills up very fast, the hardware is rubbish also, so its no good for read and write ahead while watching anything online. Ignore all the hacks and supposed fixes that LG and other users talk about, its a total waste of time and will last at the most a few days, before you get the problem back. I wish that i had not listened to those liars in the LG store
  3. If you can, take the TV back to the store that you bought it from and get a refund. LG TV's are not fit for purpose. This problem is intentional and they dont care if you can not use your TV. Believe me, this has been going on for a long time and they are never going to fix this problem.
  4. Good to hear that you got a good result. If you are talking about unplugging the TV from the wall socket, i can not possibly see how that can change anything. If you are talking about turning off the TV to clear the cache, i have tried Closing down the TV because it is one of the many work arounds that i have heard other people mention. This is also something that LG say that you need to do to clear the cache. But the real problem is the amount of onboard memory, its tiny.
  5. Really sorry to hear about that, especially when it was a Christmas gift. Honestly you are doing the right thing, i was really unlucky when i bought my LG brick. I had a problem with the shop that i bought it from and they would not refund, so if you can get your money back, you should do that and buy an Android TV instead.
  6. I totally agree with you, these products are not fit for purpose. Its amazing how these companies get away with selling a product that only does about 20% of what they claim the product can do. I am old enough to remember when you bought a product, you actually got what you paid for, no BS and no controlled obsolescence. How is controlled obsolescence even allowed? That's consumerism for you. I purchased my TV through a shop that claimed that they were LG dealers. They really hyped this TV up and i asked them several times about its streaming abilities "can it stream movies, ca
  7. I have tried to use a USB stick as an external memory for my "Smart" TV. No luck at all with that, this "Smart" TV is not smart enough to do that. I dont see any option to swap partition either, so thats also out of the question. Upgrading the memory by installing another Ramdisk is also something that is far beyond what LG "Smart" TV's can do (My $200 mobile phone is better and faster than my $2,000 TV). The only solution i have found is to add an external TV (Android) box and bypass the disgracefully inept LG TV.
  8. Yes LG are about the worst. I am on the same page as you, i will also never buy another LG product. Just wait until they impliment their system into driverless cars.......
  9. Thats good news. I think that some people have better results with the same methods than others. I also think that these better results seem to work when bypassing the Ethernet cable directly into TV. Through a Set top TV box, or some other media device and then into the TV seems to work best, because the LG simply can not handle a direct input. Its a shame that people who buy this brand of TV then have to go and also buy another media product, just to get this product to do what they say it can do.
  10. Yes its crazy really. When i bought this TV, i did quite a bit of research and really asked a lot of people in quite a few different shops about "Smart TV's" and the shop staff in pretty much ever shop really pushed this LG TV. Looking back that should have sounded alarm bells. As i have discussed here with other people, i have had my TV running the internet through an Ethernet cable from day one, i have never use the Wifi for the internet, so its very confusing when i hear other people say that using an Ethernet cable fixed this problem for them, because it certainly has not fixed my pro
  11. Thats actually confused me even more Jerry haha. I have always had my TV set up with Ethernet and never with the Wifi. I did see another post where they were sugesting that you need to turn of the option for Wifi in the TV settings, so that both options are not checked, but i have covered that also and i still have the error message. At the moment i dont really use the internet option for the TV, because it is rubbish, when i do use it, i am forced to use an app, because LG seem to be cutting back on their support for anything that is not app based. Now i use an Andriod TV box and i strea
  12. Thats great news that you are not having issues. So you say that you had the error message and then you plugged in your ethernet cable and that was it, no more errors? You were using Wifi before and you did not need to change any other settings, or turn the TV off to delete the cookies and free up the cache. Because like i daid before i have been using an ethernat cable from day one and i did not fix anything, so this just makes me think that my TV, and everybody else's TV has a manufacturing fault, if it can be fixed with just an ethernat cable. Anyway thanks for the update, its go
  13. Sorry for the late reply. Its great that you seem to have a positive result. I tried pretty much anything and everything, including the tips that you talk about, but for me, there was no difference. I would be interested in knowing if you still dont get the error message after a few months.
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Its good news that you seem to have some positive results from the method that you mentioned. LG basically tell people to do something very similar to this, turn the TV off and this is supposed to clear the Cache and the cookies, they are pushing this out as a fix for the "this app will restart" error. But the problem is only a temporary fix, when i have tried this method, i usually get between 2 and 4 days before i get the error message back again and this is not from watching anything for any length of time, just lite viewing. Its been a few months now since y
  15. Yes thats the reality of this, this is a hardware issue. I also tried the Screen mirroring a couple of times and the first time it seemed to work ok, but i did not watch it for more than 10 minutes, just wanted to set it up and see what it looked like. LG are beyond hopeless and they will just BS you and lie to you until your warranty ends and then thats it "ohh we've not heard of either issue,but stating then they were working on a software fix." I have seen posts to LG from several years ago, so thats a lie that they dont know about this issue, but they still churn out these sub standard TV'

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