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  1. Hello Steel, thank you for your answer and I understood it. Yeah I believe something similar to your theory. My theory is that the remote does an "active pairing", storing the tv id. And the tv does a "passive pairing" of the remote id. When unpairing while the tv is off, the remote actively deletes the pairing information. When the tv is on, the remote sends a "blank" pairing information and the tv receives it and... clears the pairing info of the remote?
  2. Hello td47, so the codes are stored in both devices (remote and tv). Since the tv was off while I unpaired the remote, I understand that by doing the procedure the remote forgot the code. My question is how the tv forgot the code since it was off? Many thanks td47.
  3. Hello, I unpaired the Magic Remote of my LG OLED 55B7 tv by pressing "Back+Recents" buttons on the remote, while it was off and not connected to a power outlet. The remote control blinked 3 times. Then I turned my tv on and the tv wasn't recognizing the remote, so by pressing the "Ok" button in the remote, the tv paired with it and displayed a message confirming it. My question is about the mechanism in all of this: since my tv was off, how did the tv itself forget the remote? Is the pairing process stored both in the tv and remote? Will there be some "left over" pairi

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