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  1. I updated to SW File(Version 05.60.25) and now it seems that problem with crackling sound is fixed. For now.
  2. Apps working after factory reset, but that popping crackling sound is still here. So anoying. No changes at all.
  3. I just did the factory default, so im testing now...will see...
  4. I think that is very hard and risky to do.
  5. Nope man, they gonna need ages to fix this.
  6. Same problem on 43UH668V with sound. Muted or popping. Very bad and annoying!!!
  7. Is there anyone from LG to explain this?
  8. Hello, After updating on 05.60.15 i have popping sound on all three hdmi ports. I tried several different HDMI cables but it reappears when connected to the receiver. When I watch netflix or internet the sound is fine. Is there a problem with the update or something is wrong with the TV? I repeat before the update the sound was great.
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