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  1. Got so fed up with the update pop ups , finally gave in and updated, seems ok so far 🙏
  2. Having spent almost £2000 on my LGOLED55C9PLA I had hoped for better sound.....it TV manufacturers can’t get good sound, because of the TV construction , they should offer a good soundbar at cost at the point of sale, the picture is important, but it’s so good to hear what’s being said. I certainly can’t justify £100s on a soundbar, I see them going for up to £3000 that’s crazy....... just need a basic soundbar, so that dialogue can be heard clearly.....shouldn’t be too difficult, but reviews vary a lot... thanks
  3. There’s very little you can do with an LG TV except watch video.......terrible OS
  4. Read your post to my Wife, she (& myself ) do have extreme difficulty understanding some dialogue, have to sometimes turn on subtitles to see what was said 🤬 don’t need any fancy features, but a good soundbar would be a great idea, any recommendations ? And yes incidental music should be optional.....with all the tech available don’t see why 1, incidental music can’t be switched off 2. Lip sync doesn’t work so so many times 3- signing in programmes should also be optional, very distracting watching someone waving their arms everywhere, we are not all forced to ride around in wheelchairs, because some people, including my Wife need them.....not being harsh, it’s just that technology sometimes doesn’t help & isn’t always our friend 🤯.decided that at least 70% of what’s i on the internet is false or out of date....and virtually none of it can be corrected. Maybe something like a Wiki editor should be allowed, so that ‘ qualified persons could correct errors......but leaves us open to political correctness manipulation.....there really is no solution......ok that’s MY rant over.....keep safe and well....🙏 we have been shielding since Jan 2020.....my Wife has hardly been out of the front door.....all shopping by home delivery and occasionally a relative.....absolutely manic about antibacing everything.....but so far so good 🙏🙏🙏
  5. I think you are correct, silly me thinking that a TV for just under £2000 would be able to do anything more than just watch TV, 🤯 thank God it does that well ( wish I could save the TV settings to a usb pen though, as there are so so many ) maybe an Android based TV would be more flexible, but I went for picture quality over anything else, as that’s what I bought it for...( sound is so so from the internal speaker ) thought I heard that many devices would now integrate and be more flexible, maybe it was just wishful thinking 🤔
  6. The WEB OS is sadly lacking and as restrictive as Apple IOS.....can’t do or install anything outside of the permitted range.....I want Firefox, chrome or edge browsers...NOT POSSIBLE.....I want to use Google meet in the built in browser NOT POSSIBLE I want to disable the pop up reminder for a TV software update , which I do t want, ?NOT POSSIBLE.....lots of other restrictive stuff with this TV.....just happy the picture is awesome......I think an Android TV is the way to go, much more open...
  7. 100% agree my LGOLED55C9PLA is only just over a year old.......🙏🙏🙏 it gets the new OS
  8. I have an LGOLED55C9PLA just over a year old.....hopefully will get the update, unfortunately LG is a little like Apple, so much locked down....the built in Browser won’t even let me do Google meet......frustrating......next TV will be android based I think....never realised how restrictive an LG TV is, thank god the picture is awesome...
  9. 1-Want to use Google meet, WebOS browser says not compatible, can’t install Firefox, chrome or edge browsers...is there a way to achieve this ? 2-can I use a webcam with a MIC with this TV ? 3- is there a way to disable the update popup reminder ? Don’t want to update as reports of big issues with the latest update thanks
  10. Have an LGOLED55C9PLA .....not updated to this firmware yet too dam scared......but SICK AMD TIRED OF THE POP UP ASKIMG ME TO UPDATE....ONE DAY I CLICKED YES BY ACCIDENT, UNPOWERED THE PC AND IT DIDNT UPDATE.....HOW DO I STOP THE REMINDER POPUP .???? also wish the WiFi remembered the password, have to enter it every dam time
  11. Hi Y point was, quite often Canvel on a pop up simply means close this window, but this cancel has a deeper meaning.....it actually cancels the recording ( thanks for confirming that ) just think the pop up should say cancel scheduled recording , mind you there are more ‘odd’ things with the LG OS so maybe shouldn’t worry about this....thanks
  12. Hi If I have a recording programmed, I get a pop up message just before it’s about to record..” recording about to start.....Options CANCEL OR OK” so if I click OK the recording continues, but what if I click CANCEL does this cancel the recording ? Or just cancel / close the pop up window ? If it cancels the recording, the pop up should say “ CANCEL THE RECORDING “ I am sure whoever programmed this message know what it meant and what the options do, but not obvious, to me anyway thanks
  13. That’s great news if this fixes the issue.....I continually get a reminder to do the update, I always chose NO, but suddenly it said “ completing update don’t turn your TV off “ so I immediately turned it off, then got the message “ do you want to resume update or cancel ?” I chose cancel and now the update has ceased 👍👍👍 has anyone told LG about this ? If so any reply ? thanks

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