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  1. It’s a real pity, great picture, crap TV, had this just over a year and the writing is coming off the remote control, LG do t want to know, took out 6 year cover with richer sounds, but they only cover if it’s broken, class it as an accessory , ACCESSORY Not Amy more, you can’t operate the TV without one.....expensive mistake. None of the reviews mentioned the slow EPG....
  2. It’s an odd one, the LG doesn’t handle most things well, although in fairness it even played am MP4 video.....I tried viewing some JPGs saved with photoshop, PS has various save options one was progressive and another optimised, can’t remember exactly, but wanted to save with the best quality as had made some changes....Nb does t view Tiff files at all.....but these JPGs just would not view on my LGOLED55C9PLA .....had to re save as standard.....thought the LG should be more compatible.......but if I wanted a TV to do anything else than watch good quality TV / video I would have bought a Panas
  3. My old Non Smart Panasonic had a brilliant TV guide, instant, seems technology has eve added LG in certain areas, thank God the picture is awesome.....wish it had an option to save the TV picture / Audio setting like it does with channel favourites , think there are 14 save slots for this....crazy or what
  4. Think it was JC said sold his LG and bought one from its major competitor would be great to know what make that was.......I for one won’t buy an LG again........not that at £1700 I will be buying one again soon....
  5. My TV LGOLED55C9PLA says 5.0.10 and just been updated ???
  6. Straight from the TV isn’t possible as if a headset is connected the TV speaker is disabled, another feature that should be added to disable this.....
  7. Need go general & find updates, it must be there, maybe it’s already updated, it’s V 5.1 I believe.....
  8. Got so fed up with the update pop ups , finally gave in and updated, seems ok so far 🙏
  9. Having spent almost £2000 on my LGOLED55C9PLA I had hoped for better sound.....it TV manufacturers can’t get good sound, because of the TV construction , they should offer a good soundbar at cost at the point of sale, the picture is important, but it’s so good to hear what’s being said. I certainly can’t justify £100s on a soundbar, I see them going for up to £3000 that’s crazy....... just need a basic soundbar, so that dialogue can be heard clearly.....shouldn’t be too difficult, but reviews vary a lot... thanks
  10. There’s very little you can do with an LG TV except watch video.......terrible OS
  11. Read your post to my Wife, she (& myself ) do have extreme difficulty understanding some dialogue, have to sometimes turn on subtitles to see what was said 🤬 don’t need any fancy features, but a good soundbar would be a great idea, any recommendations ? And yes incidental music should be optional.....with all the tech available don’t see why 1, incidental music can’t be switched off 2. Lip sync doesn’t work so so many times 3- signing in programmes should also be optional, very distracting watching someone waving their arms everywhere, we are not all forced to ride around in wheelchairs,

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