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  1. I have an Model # 65UN7300AUD Serial# 003RMXX20818. I cannot download a nything it says File download not supported. It will not let me open attachments or files that are sent to my email. Please help!! If you need further info you can call me at 705-223-3723 my name is Jo-Anne Poitras I purchased the LGTV on October 2020.
  2. I am not able to download any attachments or any of these, open files sent. When I try to view it comes up File download not supported. Please help me this is very frustrating. PLEASE HELP. Model number for my LG TV is 65UN7300AUD,MODEL SERIAL NUMBER 003RMXX20818. If you need further info please do hesitate to call me at 705 223 3723, I purchased it in Oct 2020 . My name is Jo-Anne Poitras North Bay Ontario P1B 3W4
  3. Please help how to fix file download not supported, improve memory

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