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  1. @Anil Weerasooriya it’s not upto Abans. It’s a work of Software developers of WebOS. Especially Player itself.
  2. Hey guys! I have found a solution for this. Install Plex Player on LG app store. And use Plex server on Your Windows PC. Currently there is no way to play via usb to show Sinhala subtitles as I think. Rename your srt file as example - example.sin.srt. Then you are good to go!
  3. I’m an owner of OLED55C8PJA. It’s an OLED SMART THINQ TV. I have spent lots of money in this. Anyway, I can’t see Sinhala Subtitles whenever I’m watching movies using this TV. But it supports Sinhala language. It even has menu language and keyboard language in “Sinhala”. But Srt Subtitle files that has Sinhala language cannot see.I have tried to set to encoding to UTF-8 also. But no luck! hope you will know solution for me. Thanks
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